Business Intelligence Analyst / Data Scientist

Job Summary:

Viral Launch is actively searching for a highly experienced Data Scientist that is amazing at gathering insights from mass amounts of data. You will be asked to dive deeply into the data that we currently have, provide strategies and ideas for leveraging new data sources, and uncovering insights that would not have been previously known. At Viral Launch we are focused on providing unrivaled value for our customers. The data that we gather will be utilized to create new products and services, provide new information to our clients, and help us to make the best decisions as a business. You will be integrated into multiple facets of our business and will with work with various members of the team to uncover the best insights.

Why is this job important to Viral Launch?

Knowledge is power. Data is everything. If you are in the world of intelligence and insights, I don’t have to tell you how powerful data can be. We have tons of data at our fingertips and now it’s a matter of configuring it, analyzing it, and drawing insightful and accurate conclusions.

Once you are here:

Viral Launch is a growing company, and we have the mentality of a scrappy startup. For you, that means your job may grow and change over time. As we see it now, here are the challenges that we want you to tackle:

· Understand at both an executive and ground level all of the operational and business aspects of Viral Launch

· Utilize various software platforms to pull and analyze data

· Assist with the creation of powerful and proprietary software services for our clients

· Work with the development team to strategize and put new systems in place

· Compile data and be able to relay information in a coherent and efficient way

· Maintain and update any business intelligence systems that are in place

· Constantly research new information in the industry and test new theories

· Assist with the creation and iteration of products and services

· Although you may not be required to code, be able to work fluently with the development team to coordinate on projects

· Collaborate with team to discover ways to improve workflow and team practices

· Contribute on other assignments as needed

Why work with us?

• Pay $80-120k per year

• Health Benefits


• Potential to earn equity in the company (limited and not guaranteed)

• Ability to work remotely

• Access to our wide variety of free and highly discounted retail items

• Work with some of the top private label brands on Amazon

• Opportunities to grow with a quickly growing startup company

• Flexible schedules

• Comfortable and casual environment

• OUR CREW! – The biggest benefit is being part of our team. If you’ve had prior work experience you know that it’s not always about the benefits, the perks, or the pay even. You love or hate your job based on the people you work with day in and day out. We have taken extreme care in crafting the best team possible. We are composed of A-players from a variety of backgrounds. Each of us is unique in our own right and we bring different perspectives that contribute to the growth of our team as a whole. We laugh together, we challenge each other to grow and improve, and most importantly we care about each other and have each other’s backs whenever help is needed.

Application instructions:

Please submit your cover letter, resume, and any additional materials. If you have any relevant web links related to your works, please be sure to include.

Ready for launch? 3…2…1…Apply!

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