Account Manager / E-Commerce Specialist

Job Summary:

Viral Launch is actively searching for a Account Manager that can coach and train our clients to effectively use our products and services and succeed in the Amazon marketplace. You will be responsible for becoming an expert on not only our services, but also the Amazon marketplace, and the e-commerce industry as a whole. You will also have to effectively communicate, educate, and motivate our clients towards success.

Why is this job important to Viral Launch?

Viral Launch deals primarily in the e-commerce realm and we provide premium level services to our clients who sell in the Amazon space. Being a successful seller on Amazon is difficult. It is complex and complicated. From sourcing products, to increasing exposure, to converting potential buyers it takes SO MUCH effort in order to be successful. And with the rising levels of competition in every category, it truly requires a team of people. Unfortunately many sellers are lone individuals or lack the resources and knowledge base in order to be successful. That’s where you come in. Utilizing our knowledge and data from launching thousands of products, you will represent our client partners and navigate them through the jungle that is the Amazon market. This role is crucial to Viral Launch because we are generating true business partner relationships. Viral Launch will generate revenue based off of the success of our client partners and your job will be to constantly guide them in the right direction. You will be the go-to person! Additionally, as we scale as a company, it will be critical for you to assist with improving our workflow efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Once you are here you will:

Viral Launch is a growing company, but we still have the mentality of a scrappy startup. For you, that means your job may grow and change over time. As we see it now, here are the challenges that we want you to tackle:

Become trained to a level of expertise on all Viral Launch products and services as well as the scope of selling on Amazon
Communicating, guiding, and coaching clients so that they achieve success in selling on Amazon
Develop and iterate procedures and best practices that will set the standard for the industry
Conduct thorough research of and for each client in order to provide the best recommendations and insights
Add insights into Viral Launch customer service and marketing strategies
Collaborate with the team to discover ways to improve workflow and team practices
Travel to industry conferences and events to network and gain customer perspective
Contribute on other assignments as needed
Why work with us?

Pay $30-$40k per year
Health Benefits
Potential to earn equity in the company (limited and not guaranteed)
Access to our wide variety of free and highly discounted retail items
Work with some of the top private label brands on Amazon
Opportunities to grow with a quickly growing startup company
Flexible schedules
Comfortable and casual environment
OUR CREW! – The biggest benefit is being part of our team. If you’ve had prior work experience you know that it’s not always about the benefits, the perks, or the pay even. You love or hate your job based on the people you work with day in and day out. We have taken extreme care in crafting the best team possible. We are composed of 'A' players from a variety of backgrounds. Each of us is unique in our own right and we bring different perspectives that contribute to the growth of our team as a whole. We laugh together, we challenge each other to grow and improve, and most importantly we care about each other and have each other’s backs whenever help is needed.
If you feel like the following describes you, please apply.

No matter what industry you find yourself in, your core strength is communicating. You are able to take complex ideas and make them seem simple and tangible. It doesn’t matter to you whether it’s through an email, a phone call, a public speech, presentation, or a 1-on-1 meeting, you’re confident in your ability to effectively get a message across.

You are tenacious in your approach. You dive headlong in whatever you do and view every challenge as an opportunity. You are extremely competitive, yet you don’t let it effect your relationships with people. In fact, people are your favorite part of any job. You are great at turning acquaintances to friends. You are empathetic, patient, and truly embody a servant heart.

You set high goals for yourself and already possess the motivation to go achieve them. You’re a natural leader and require little management. You learn quickly and seek new opportunities to learn. You invite criticism because you know it can only make you better. You’re very organized and also creative and you tend to make things fun for all parties involved in whatever it is you’re doing at the time.

Application instructions:

Please submit your cover letter, resume, and any additional materials. If you have any relevant web links related to your works, please be sure to include.

Ready for launch? 3…2…1…Apply!

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