Producer (6 Months Contract)

    • Tulsa, OK

Position summary:

The Producer is responsible for delivering outstanding video, documentary, and social content for VICE’s owned and operated platforms (VICE Video, YouTube, Facebook) and social media platforms across the APAC region, making VICE a magnet to young Asian audiences. 

The Producer will report to VICE Asia’s Head of Video. The video team will contribute to the highest volume of video output on a consistent, ongoing basis. The Producer will pitch a high volume of ideas, as well as longer hosted documentaries, and will execute projects that are greenlit by the Head of Video, from start to finish, ultimately driving traffic to VICE platforms. 

The role requires involvement in end-to-end production, from ideating, researching, and pitching through to pre-production, production, and supervision of post-production. The Producer will oversee the production, budget, and post-production of their videos as well as. take on the role of Director for the majority of VICE’s short-form formats.  

As part of a small on-the-ground team, it is vital that the Producer is immersed in, and has a deep understanding of the VICE brand in their local country and the wider Asia-Pacific region - from news counterculture, politics, social issues, and the fringes. This knowledge will ensure Producer is pitching and producing groundbreaking, relevant content that is in the zeitgeist for VICE as a brand 

Key measures of success include ideating new ideas, pitching successful video ideas, and managing process, pitch-to-publication, in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Generate and pitch a high volume of news/stories that will resonate with audiences, with an expectation to thoroughly contribute to regular brainstorms and pitch sessions.
  • Research, write and prepare backgrounders and story overviews, as well as lines of questioning to conduct pre-interviews for potential stories/series.
  • Prepare estimates, and track live, green-lit budgets to ensure projects are delivered within budget.
  • Secure access to stories and on-camera talent/subjects and liaise with them as necessary for the best production outcome.
  • Establish and foster relationships with a network of the local crew; booking, briefing, and managing their execution of the project - ensuring all facets of production adhere to the VICE brand and style.
  • Source and book original and creative locations as well as identify project-specific requirements such as audio, lighting, etc.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with local equipment rental houses, coordinating hire of gear in conjunction with the crew for the execution of the project.
  • Oversee all production operations outside the office while on location, ensuring they adhere to local law, and industry standards.
  • Take on the role of Director, including interviewing and directing the action of talent and crew, executing the creative vision pitched and green-lit.
  • Manage R&C in pre-production, on location, and throughout post-production (delegating tasks to more junior freelance staff as required).
  • Work with the Video Content Manager to oversee R&C and legal paperwork across all videos created by the Producer.
  • Flag with Head of Video any foreseeable legal issues with projects.
  • Supervise local editors to execute edits for review to a high creative and technical standard, collating feedback and re-briefing further rounds as needed.
  • Work with Post-Production Supervisor to ensure meeting edit timelines are aligned and regularly updated.
  • Ideate and supervise social content of their videos 
  • Manage petty cash, receipts, and invoices from each production for the reconciliation of its budget. Ensure invoices are filed promptly for efficient payment.
  • Adhere to VICE global standards and practices throughout production.
  • Liaise with other departments i.e. CD Socials, Audience, Editorial, Post-Production teams as required for the successful release of their content.
  • Pitch and assist in developing longer, ‘local tentpole’ productions, collaborating on building the best crew, locations, the talent required once green-lit. Involvement in the overall execution of these projects in the most relevant role-specific to the production.


  • Must have 5+ years of experience as a video journalist in APAC 
  • An understanding and enthusiasm for the VICE style of journalism and storytelling.
  • Basic knowledge of camera (C300, FS7’s) 

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