Design Director - VIRTUE

Virtue is looking for a Design Director who is some combination of Lee Clow and the best Tumblr no one has ever heard of.


We are seeking someone who can carry and evolve our agency values, captain the design team on the great vessel of aesthetics, and who blooms like a fresh daisy within the pressure cooker of autonomy. Someone who sees a job as more than a job, gets satisfaction out of teaching and mentoring others, and who brings an eclectic bag of knowledge, experience, and interests to the table.


Ideally, this candidate has a background in art and design, thinks conceptually, and is 10 steps ahead on how design translates to the real world. He or she knows that form follows function, can inspire a team amidst chaos, and understands accountability. Ultimately, this role is for someone keen to contribute meaningfully to the collective spirit of collaboration across our agency.


We also need someone who has experience on pitches, and who has created, directed, overseen, or developed a vast variety of assets in a bottomless bank of formats. From display to OOH, from GFX to Instagram stories to t-shirts, they’ve gotten their hands dirty and are ready to use that experience to grow, support, and push a design team to great levels of visual excellence.


She/He must have:

  • 6-8 years agency experience in Design.
  • Experience managing 6+ designers at once.
  • A clear ability to inspire and lead a team to produce not only fantastic work, but to also be engaged and invested.
  • Experience teaching designers how to work seamlessly with teams outside of creative.
  • An unparalleled attention to detail; a pixel-perfect approach.
  • An open mind and a confident manner, able to inspire, instruct, critique, and create.
  • An understanding of what the design department needs are and how to work as a leader within the agency to meet such needs.
  • A constantly evolving knowledge of emerging platforms, formats and the evolving media landscape, and what it takes to design for relevance in a world of changing visual appetites and decreasing attention spans.
  • A disposition that could be described as patient, confident, engaging, mature, clever, and fair.
  • A wild track record of mind-blowing Keynote decks that make jaws drop.
  • Incredibly strong presentation skills and comfort pitching to clients and presenting to large groups.


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