Senior Business Continuity Analyst

To support Vanguard's Business Contingency Program (BCP) at a Divisional and Department-wide contingency planning by providing business continuity services through contingency plan development, management and testing to mitigate the adverse impacts from disruptions to the divisional business.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Provides support as a Divisional Contingency Coordinator for Vanguard's Business Contingency Program (BCP) as it is applied to a division and its business units. Influences division toward meeting contingency business plan objectives.
2. Acts as a key point of contact for contingency coordinators, crew and management across the division during contingency planning, exercises and events. Assists in the coordination of incident response activities with various business units and stakeholders.
3. Acts as internal consultant for business units for the completion of contingency plans and testing. Demonstrates initiative and creativity in developing and drafting business contingency plans, while looking for process improvement opportunities to support enhanced business contingency planning. Collaborates effectively with business coordinators and promotes accountability during these efforts. Monitors and audits contents of contingency plans to ensure compliance with established corporate framework.
4. Proactively works with contingency coordinators, business units and their management to identify strategic opportunities to improve business resiliency. Utilizes contingency methods to analyze business processes, develop solutions and positively influence business continuity.
5. Prepares contingency reports for divisional and business unit needs. Uses available data to monitor progress, measure success and make suggestions for improvement of business testing results.
6. Effectively keeps management informed by communicating progress, issues, concerns and opportunities in the delivery of the contingency program requirements.
7. Develops and maintains effective working relationships with management and crew throughout the division and company as a strong business partner to support overall business contingency efforts. Provides guidance and advice to crew who support the divisional business contingency planning process.
8. Manages assigned BCP projects at a divisional and business unit level. Maintains a high level of quality for all work produced, including BCS requirements documentation, tabletop documentation, divisional initiatives, presentations and correspondence.
9 Develops and maintain all divisional (and some business unit) coordinator procedures in support of coordinators roles, responsibilities and documents. Implements and maintains BCP policies and guidelines for all business units to follow. Maintains contingency related information.
10. Provides training of, and maintenance and support for approved contingency planning tools.
11. Keeps current on business continuity, disaster recovery issues, and related Vanguard policies. Continuously expands knowledge of financial services industry, Vanguard's business, and ongoing business initiatives within the division in order to effectively support BCP initiatives and business resiliency.
12. Participates in special projects and performs other duties as assigned.


  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent combination of training and experience.
  • Proven transferable skills
  • Demonstrates initiative, flexibility, and ability to work independently.
  • Experience leading cross functional/departmental project teams.
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong analytical, problem solving and project management skills.
  • Excellent time management.
  • Excellent oral, written communication and presentation skills.
  • Strong consultative skills including negotiation, influencing, and problem solving coupled with flexibility and sound business judgment.
  • Working knowledge of MS Office tools (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MS Project, Visio, SharePoint and Outlook).

Vanguard is not offering visa sponsorship for this position.

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