AI/ML Engineer

To enhance analytics at Vanguard by leading AI projects through the software development lifecycle and by training other crew in cutting-edge analytics tools

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Leads analytic projects to provide insight into client needs and behavior and provide support for marketing and client servicing decisions.
  • Serves as the analytics expert on Full-Stack functional team/s for specific product services. Serves as own Project Relationship Manager for smaller, one-off projects.
  • Engages with service sponsors and stakeholders to understand each business question. Probes for hidden questions and goals. Brings structure to each request and translates requests into analytics requirements.
  • Coordinates with other data experts to extract, clean, and transform data into automated, reproducible formats for analysis and application usage; fixes data inconsistencies and errors; and introduces new data sources when necessary.
  • Analyzes data to understand channel usage, diagnose client experience problems, size marketing opportunity, target clients for treatment and measure the impact of marketing and servicing initiatives. Utilizes appropriate analytic methods and specialized tools to generate insights, answer the business questions and fulfill project objectives.
  • Create models from data and coordinate with Developers to integrate those models into software tools and applications through a DevOps pipeline.
  • Delivers presentations and recommendations to business partners communicating complex material in simple terms. Guides business partners on the implications and use of analytic results
  • Maintain quality control of all code and analytical results produced by other Data Scientists


  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Astrophysics, or Applied Mathematics. MS degree preferred. Relevant certifications, demonstrable projects, and work experience can be used as substitutes
  • A minimum of three years relevant professional experience in progressive analytical or software development roles.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Software Engineering best practices and tools
  • Experience building predictive models using Machine Learning, Deep Learning & other methods.
  • Demonstrated industry experience generating insights to business problems and coordinating with Data Engineers and Developers to apply those insights and models within software products.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing complex projects: formulating the business problem; extracting, cleansing, and manipulating large and diverse data sets; building descriptive, predictive and prescriptive solutions; and deploying these solutions in the cloud and/or on premise systems
  • Demonstrated experience in communicating complex analytical solutions, data relationships and results and their business impacts to business partners and stakeholders, through superior data visualization and storytelling skills. * Strong proficiency in programming languages, such as Python, Java, Spark, Scala.
  • Experience with data visualization tools such as D3.js and Tableau
  • Experience with Big Data languages and technologies. * Knowledge of financial services and marketing.

Vanguard is not offering visa sponsorship for this position.

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