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Actively protect the company from any legal exposure o Do not allow any contractor to leave without a valid Contract o Do not allow any contractor to leave without valid car insurance or valid driver's license o Maintain proper legal Independent Contractor/Employee relationships at all times Punctuality Communication o Contractors o Co-Workers Teamwork Primary Deliver routes accurately as needed o Sequencing RouteSmart on Open Routes o If assisting in delivery of a contracted route, make sure to negotiate a fee, in piece rate form, in writing Familiarize new contractors o Introduce new contractors to warehouse environment o Walk them through warehouse procedures Where their box, table, and cart are located Receiving papers Ordering supplies that we offer Replacing damaged or shortage papers o Introduce them to the staff o Provide suggestions on newspaper preparation and assembly o Explain all paperwork RouteSmart • Transfer addresses and Kick Outs Toppers Head Sheet Billing Statement o Explain Sunday preparation Saturday Day Dock Newspaper assembly TV Books Alternates Familiarize carrier on route o No errors during the familiarization process o Contractor should not go on their own until they are able to deliver the route error free Conduct verifies as needed When Assisting Product Staff Opening Paperwork Procedures Read all E-mails Print, sort & staple Carrier Message Reports for all Publications Check for vac pak's and pull dates Print & staple Route Smarts- Verify date before printing Print Classified and Front Manifest Determine bundle size & pack # for each Zip on Classified and Fronts Determine Bundle size for Alt Product Check the weather for that day From Autodraw: enter bundle sizes, pack #'s, notes & weather, change day of the week Print: AM dock, Alt Pub Verification, Alt Bundle sizes, Headers Print Daily Game Plan Print Carrier Billing Statements on every other Tuesday Warehouse Prep Verify Classifieds from the plant Compare draws and calculate difference Downstack Classifieds at each table Write down daily dock tracker info – at East only for now Update Info Boards in warehouse Pull Flash Carts – If not done the day before Stock Alt bags – If not done the day before Pull and distribute vac pak's Tues & Friday: pull out supplies for carriers OPEN WAREHOUSE ON TIME During Warehouse Hours Check product on truck and verify for accuracy Accurate handout of product to carriers according to headers Downstack product in carts Verify carrier supply orders and accurately distribute Track shortage paper handout Resolve all product issues Call any contractor that has not arrived by 4:15am Place remaining carts outside and close warehouse doors at 4:30am After Warehouse Hours Pull Flash Carts – Sunday & Monday only. Stock Alt bags Clean Staff area Update and stock library Clean up warehouse Turn carts around for downstacking Take out trash Clean parking lot Charge pallet jacks as needed Verify Sunday product Pull, verify, and file Sunday audit papers Downstack Sunday product Enter truck report on Tuc-share Enter daily dock tracker info on spreadsheet – East only for now Secure warehouse before leaving When Assisting or covering for District Manager Before Warehouse Is Open Read all emails Print all service issues in any district you are covering Print complaint reports for all publications Verify any EMT's and vacation paks have been distributed to contractors Gather carrier toppers for each service issue including any alt publication error o Do not place service issues in carriers boxes, each carrier must be spoken to in person Splitting routes for subbing as needed Prepare comp by Saturday o Subbing o Missed delivery credits o Misc o Get any compensation signed by Saturday Be done and ready to be on the floor when the doors open During Warehouse Hours Be done and ready to be on the floor when the doors open Address service issues with contractors o Must be done in person o If leaving the warehouse before a carrier arrives, hand service issues, ALT PUB complaint reports, and contractors paperwork to a fellow DM that will be in the warehouse o If none available, hand off to SDM Print throw list as requested Seek and set up successful delivery for any open or soon to be open routes in your district by Independent Contractors o Negotiate compensation in piece rate form (Must get DM or SDM approval) Make an effort to speak to every contractor in any district your covering After Warehouse Hours Call customers as needed to resolve service issues Respond to any service emails Call and set up successful subbing delivery for any routes that just became open in your district o Negotiate compensation in piece rate form (Must get DM or SDM approval) RouteSmart maintenance o Sequencing SEQUENCING SHOULD BE DONE IN A TIMELY MANNER o Any issues other than sequencing should be resolved with Frank by appointment Any Star address issues should be sent to customer service to be corrected o If it is an alternate publication send to Stacey and Frank Email updated insurance cards to TNI-Carrier Contracts Complete Circ adjustments by end of day Saturday o Comp o No Charges o Credits/Debits o Misc Complete a Term Agent Maintenance for any new open routes o Email to TNI-Carrier Contracts Perform route analysis on all open or scheduled to be open routes o Go over with SDM and gain approval for basement and ceiling piece rates to be negotiated Other Duties as assigned

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