City and Country - Assistant District Manager

Position: Assistant District Manager SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES This position will assist the District Manager, and has distribution responsibility for all Home Delivery, Single Copy or HD/SC combination and reports to the District Manager or the Distribution Manager. Areas of responsibility include home delivery, single copy, blue chip, education, and non-daily circulation from USCP and USAT along with a number of third party distribution partner contracts,. The Asst. District Manager may also receive work assignments within many areas of the distribution function, which may include transportation, customer service, and redelivery operations. This position may be full time or part time. The primary role of the Asst. District Manager is to achieve company objectives and oversee an independent contractor carrier force. The Asst. District Manager will also contribute to growing circulation volumes and revenue within the assigned district, by ensuring customer/subscriber service and satisfaction levels are met or exceeded. This position works part of the time in an office or distribution center and majority of the time within the assigned newspaper district or distribution area. The successful candidate will work flexible hours recruiting, negotiating and maintaining contracts with independent contractors for defined geographical areas. They will also split and realign delivery areas, manage dealer relations, collections/returns, deliver open / down routes and monitor contract performance. Manage financial and distribution performance metrics for their defined geographic area. Provide input to budgets for the area. Ensure the efficient distribution of products through initiation of route restructuring, consolidation, splits or other means designed to maximize volumes while limiting expense exposure. Work with other District Managers in the same geographic areas to improve efficiencies. This position will insure that contractors adhere to their contractual obligation for customer service, complaint resolution, reporting, compliance of all local, state and federal laws. Overall responsibility for insuring product position, rack sales effectiveness, point of purchase material application, timely reporting, accounts receivable and adjustments. Manage product integrity (ABC/insert verification), field verification of TMC, bonding, and letters of credit. Managing drop times, delivery sequence/schedules, and contingency planning. This position promotes customer satisfaction, and is responsible for ensuring that SOP's/contracts for customer service, complaint resolution, reporting, compliance of all local, state, federal, and Gannett regulations and policies are established and implemented consistently across the region in the delivery area. Strong management and training experience, good math and computer skills. Will manage home delivery and single copy operations in terms of total number of subscribers, number of wholesalers and collections. Will also be responsible for expense management in terms of delivery expense, subsidy and part-time staffing hours. ┬ČEDUCATION/EXPERIENCE A high school education is necessary; a college education will help in advancement opportunities. A good motor vehicle report, valid driver's license, dependable automobile, and liability insurance are necessary for this position. Distribution or circulation experience preferred. KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES AND SKILLS 1. Solid working knowledge in operations, systems, and sales 2. Ability to work as part of a team, with minimal daily supervision and high degree of self-motivation. 3. Strong PC skills including word processing and spreadsheet applications. 4. Excellent oral and written communication skills. 5. Strong leadership ability to lead a mixed workforce of employees and independent contractors spread out across several different markets 6. Ability to problem solve, resolve issues & complaints, demonstrate sound reasoning, exercise judgment, and make decisions. UNIQUE JOB REQUIREMENTS AND CHARACTERISTICS (Consider certification and licensing requirements, special tools and materials used to perform job responsibilities, unique hours and days required for the position and job environments not in an office setting.) This position requires an individual who is able to perform 7-day-a-week distribution responsibilities. The individual must be available at any time as the situation warrants. Job responsibilities include Sunday and early morning deliveries. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Description of Job Responsibilities Percentage of Time Required 1. Ensure the efficient, accurate and timely distribution of products through specific assignments involving route restructuring, consolidation, splits, divisions, or other means, designed to maximize volumes while limiting expense exposure. Recruit quality contractors and ensure that verification programs are in place and audit goals for the assigned area are met or exceeded 40% 2. Ensure goodwill between company and independent contractors and ensure compliance with contract terms, taking appropriate action, under the guidance of the Distribution Manager, when contract terms are violated. Responsible for upholding independent contractor performance standards for customer service, and to assure that all products are delivered by the proper time and in the proper condition as called for in the contract. 15% 3. Responsible for ensuring customer/subscriber satisfaction with delivery of all products, managing dealer relations, collections/returns, and deliver open / down routes. Provide recommendations to supervisor for service improvements 15% 4. Responsible for supporting single copy sales, including product positioning/merchandising, placement, inventory control, and outlet growth 15% 5. Other related duties as assigned, including transportation, customer service, and redelivery operations 15% PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS/DEMANDS Indicate all of the physical demands that apply by placing an X on the line next to the criteria listed. Describe job responsibilities that require the physical demands checked. 1. Strength a. Standing % time Walking % time Sitting % time b. Lifting lbs. % time Carrying lbs. % time Pushing lbs. % time Pulling lbs. % time 2. Climbing % time Balancing % time 3. Kneeling % time Stooping % time Crouching % time Crawling % time 4. Reaching % time Handling % time 5. Speaking % time Hearing % time 6. Seeing % time Hearing % time Depth Perception % time Color Vision % time

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