Relay Resident (Newark)

Uncommon Schools-Relay Graduate School of Education Teaching Residency is a highly selective program that offers aspiring/ apprentice teachers a unique opportunity to receive high-quality teacher training and learn how to teach while gradually taking on more teaching responsibility. The two-year teaching residency, a partnership between Relay Graduate School of Education (Relay GSE) and select partner schools, is designed specifically for recent college graduates and career changers who are looking for an innovative pathway into the teaching profession. The Uncommon Schools-Relay GSE Teaching Residency is a proud member of the AmeriCorps National Service Network. For more information on Relay GSE, please visit the website at .

In the first year of the teacher residency, apprentice teachers will be hired to work full time as assistant teachers at Uncommon Schools where they will help increase student achievement and maintain and support school-level systems. Residents will receive weekly Deliberate Practice sessions from Relay GSE's expert faculty and additional training in proven, powerful teaching techniques. Gradually, over the course of the first academic year, Residents will take on more teaching responsibilities as their skills and confidence develop. After their first year in the program, Residents will be prepared to transition into a full-time teaching position at a Uncommon Schools campus in their second year. Residents will continue to receive coaching and support as they serve as the teacher of record. 

Throughout the two-year residency, apprentice teachers will be enrolled as graduate students at Relay GSE and will take Masters-level courses that complement their roles as new teachers. Relay GSE's curriculum is designed to teach new educators how to manifest high behavioral and academic expectations, and develop rigorous, data-driven lessons while caring deeply for their students. The Relay GSE Teaching Residency will lead to a culminating understanding of what it means - and what it takes - to be an effective classroom teacher. 
Successful graduates of the Residency will receive their master's degree and teaching certification from Relay GSE after the second year of the program. Upon completion, Teaching residents will be able to demonstrate pedagogical mastery and have a clear pathway into a teaching job, after receiving a full-time salary and benefits for the duration of the program.

Residents/ Apprentice Teachers Earn:

  • A Master of Arts in Teaching from Relay GSE, an innovative program focused on practice-based teaching methods and new teacher support; 
  • A New Jersey teaching certificate; 
  • Full-time salary and benefits for two years, with a pathway into hiring after graduation; 
  • Extensive weekly training and deliberate practice sessions in proven, highly-effective teaching techniques; 
  • A residency year, allowing Residents an opportunity to engage with expert teachers and best practices, while on a structured and promising pathway into a teaching job; 
  • Access to a network of veteran Uncommon Schools and Relay GSE teachers, new teacher colleagues and professionals; and 
  • An opportunity to serve as a Professional Corps AmeriCorps member, with access to benefits, including a financial education award, student loan deferment and childcare benefits 

Those selected to this competitive Teaching Residency will:
  • Tutor small groups and individual students, 
  • Be a teacher's assistant, 
  • Co-teach in Math, English Language Arts (ELA), Science, History, and Science.
  • Teach certain elective and enrichment courses, 
  • Substitute teach, and offer teacher coverage,
  • Complete Relay GSE coursework and take graduate school classes. 

Residents Are:
  • Individuals who are committed to teaching in New Jersey state schools for at least three years after the first year of the residency 
  • Recent college graduates or career-changers of any age, background or experience who strongly desire to become highly effective teachers 
  • Goal-oriented, driven individuals eager to impact the lives of K-12 students and communities 
  • Individuals with the grit, optimism and resilience to overcome challenges 
  • Individuals who are eager to join a team of school faculty and graduate school colleagues 

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Minimum of a bachelor's degree conferred by June 2017 
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 
  • US Citizen or permanent resident status

By the time that employment begins, candidates must have received a Bachelor's degree from a College or University. For teaching roles in New Jersey, the candidates must have earned a cumulative 2.75 GPA (for candidates graduating before September 1, 2016) or 3.0 (for candidates graduating on or after September 1, 2016


We offer a generous compensation package. All staff members are equipped with the tools needed to succeed, including a dedicated work space, laptop computer, email, high-speed internet access, and all necessary supplies.

As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability .  

Please note that your application will not be saved until you click "submit" at the end of the application question set. Unfortunately, you will not be able to save your resume or answers as you go along. Please take this into consideration. You are welcome to open the application, copy and paste the questions into a Word Document, and then copy and paste your answers into our application once they are complete. Additionally, if you leave your application before beginning the question set, you will need to upload your resume again in order to move forward with the process upon returning. Thanks in advance for the time you are taking to apply to Uncommon Schools.

Meet Some of Uncommon Schools's Employees

Na'jee C.


As an Instructional Fellow, Na'jee was training to become a school principal (He has since been promoted to principal, yay Na'Jee!). In this role, he coached teachers by observing classes and providing actionable feedback, built out the tools needed to be an effective school leader.

Isolina C.

Teacher & Instructional Leader

Isolina is one of Uncommon's phenomenal elementary instructional leaders. She teaches a 3rd grade class while also overseeing the cohort as a whole—and coaching a group of other educators.

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