Elementary Special Education Resource Replacement Teacher (Newark)

Elementary Special Education Resource Replacement Teacher (NJ)
Uncommon Schools is a nonprofit organization that starts and manages outstanding urban charter schools which prepare low-income students to excel in college.  North Star Academy is the regional network located in Newark, New Jersey.  Uncommon has achieved outstanding academic results based on internal assessments, statewide exams, and graduation milestones.  Its schools consistently outperform their district schools and are among the highest-performing urban schools in their cities and states. To learn more about Uncommon click here . 

Position Overview
The Elementary Special Education Resource Replacement Teacher is passionate about supporting the students who are at-risk for academic underperformance.  The Special Education Resource Replacement Teacher holds primary responsibility for providing academic services and coordinating related services for students who require a resource replacement program to thrive within the school's core academic program.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • The Elementary Special Education Resource Replacement Teacher will:
  • Demonstrate a relentless drive to improve the minds, characters & lives of students both in and out of school
  • Show unwavering commitment to urban youth achieving greatness
  • Create a positive, structured learning environment to ensure that students observe the school's core values, high expectations, and strict code of conduct
  • Design and implement curricula and activities that meet the needs of the students in the special education program and to meet academic standards
  • Design and implement assessments that measure progress towards academic standards
  • Use assessment data to refine curriculum and inform instructional practices
  • Provide individualized and consistent rewards and/or consequences for student behavior to ensure that students observe the school's core values, high expectations, and strict code of conduct
  • Be accountable for students' mastery of goals as outlined in their Individualized Education Programs
  • Share responsibility for school-wide activities
  • Exhibit resilience to persevere and turn challenges into opportunities
  • Focus constantly on student learning, thinking critically and strategically to respond to student learning needs
  • Communicate effectively with students, families, and colleagues
  • Engage families in their children's education
  • Commit to continual professional growth, participating actively in department meetings, faculty meetings, and other meetings
  • Participate in an annual three-week staff orientation and training
  • Mentor and engage the classroom paraprofessional in instructional practice and professional development
  • Include the classroom paraprofessional in daily classroom activities to help students meet academic standards
  • Implement and enhance the school's systems and culture
  • Build professional relationships and collaborate with the Child Study Team Supervisor, members of the Child Study Team, Principal, Dean of Students, the Special Education Coordinator, and other school staff to maximize the ability of Uncommon Schools to support students' development
  • Perform other related duties as required and assigned

  • Required knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Drive to improve the minds and lives of students in and out of the classroom
  • Evidence of self-motivation and willingness to be a team player
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations governing special education
  • Effective problem-solving, human relations, and communication skills
  • Belief in and alignment with Uncommon's core beliefs and educational philosophy is non-negotiable
  • Strong organizational skills; extremely careful attention to detail and follow-through
  • Experience working with and in urban schools is highly preferred
  • Master's degree preferred
  • Valid Teacher of Students with Disabilities certification required
We offer a generous compensation package. All staff members are equipped with the tools needed to succeed, including a dedicated work space, laptop computer, email, high-speed internet access, and all necessary supplies.

The foregoing information is requested for mandatory government reporting purposes only.  As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, or any other category protected by applicable law.
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