Software Test Engineer

Are you a perfectionist? Maybe even a little OCD? Do you have to have order in your world, a world where all possibilities are examined and analyzed? Do you believe in Murphy’s Law? Perhaps you’ve been a victim of Murphy’s Law, and pledged to never allow that to happen again. If you’ve answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you’ll love the Software Testing role here at Ultimate!

As a Software Test Engineer, you will play a very important role in ensuring the quality and excellence of our products. You’ll be embedded on a development team consisting between 8-30 people where you can strut your stuff finding bugs and giving developers valuable input from a testing perspective. You’ll get to work directly with other Testers, Developers, Business Analysts, Product Managers, and team Directors, all of whom make up the team. In this highly-collaborative environment, you will have the opportunity to grow as a tester, and even help mentor others get to your level. Are you ready to get started? Apply Today!

Ultimate Software works in an agile environment with daily standups and code reviews as well as constant communication within each self-managed cross functional team. The ability to communicate effectively with Software Engineers, Product Analysts and QA’s, as well as work closely with other team members are key components for success in this position.

Ultimate is ranked #1 in FORTUNE’s Best Places to Work in Technology for 2016 and #15 for 100 “Best Places to Work For in 2016.” This is the 5th year in a row we have been ranked on FORTUNE’s list. We were #21 in 2015, #20 in 2014, and #9 in 2013. Ultimate is also ranked #5 on the inaugural list of “100 Best Workplaces for Millennials” and #8 on Forbes magazine’s 2016 list of the “Most Innovative Growth Companies.”

Our CEO Scott Scherr was ranked #2 on Glassdoor’s CEO 2016 List!

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Primary Responsibilities:

  • In your team’s daily standup meeting, you brag about that big bug you found at the end of the day yesterday, and walk a developer through it to get it fixed
  • Work with a developer during a story kickoff meeting to discuss new features or bug fixes and determine how to test them effectively
  • After the story kick off meeting, you create and document test cases for those bleeding edge cases
  • Exercise your C# knowledge by writing some automation using the latest in novel test case frameworks. These frameworks are developed in-house and supported by Selenium, coded UI, and sikuli
  • A developer may come to you wanting you to review their unit test, and you make some really good suggestions
  • You attend a design meeting with product analysts, UX designers, and developers, and give your input from a testing perspective on how to make an application testable
  • Exploratory testing: this is when you get to let loose on the application – go crazy and try to break it! Bring out your inner Sid! (Hope you don’t mind the Toy Story reference)
  • Work with our seasoned test architects to develop and advance in your career. We can train you to get better with our in-house training in white box and black box testing!
  • Finally, before the day winds out, you demo your story to the BA, and it gets closed because you thought of every little thing!


  • Minimum 2 years of experience with Quality Assurance methodologies and software testing
  • 2 – 5 years of experience as a Software Test Engineer or Software QA Engineer
  • Principles of OOP
  • Testing in an agile environment
  • Ability to write intermediate SQL code
  • Ability to write code in an object-oriented language, such as Java, C#, Ruby, C++, VB.Net
  • Experience using automated testing tools like xUnit, Selenium, FitNesse, Mercury QTP, Loadrunner, Watir, Watin, Fit and/or other test automation tools
  • Selenium knowledge/familiarity is preferred
  • Agile Software Development experience such as Kanban, Scrum, Test First Development, Test Driven Development and Extreme Programming
  • Knowledge of testing techniques/methodologies and how to apply them (white box, equivalence class partitioning, pairwise, state transition, boundary value, decision table)
  • Experience creating a test automation framework or testing tool

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