Software Engineer

What do Outback Steakhouse, Pep Boys, and the Major League Baseball Network all have in common? They are paid with the software you could be building! At Ultimate Software, we build a cloud enterprise human capital management solution that can scale and perform on an as-needed basis.

We are growing our Product Development team like crazy. We need to make UltiPro the best it can be for our customers (over 2,600!), and in order to do that, we need additional talent. What a great problem to have, right? That’s where you come in!

As a Software Engineer at Ultimate, you’ll be embedded on a development team where you will be called upon to work with our internal and external customers to design and build custom application solutions for new and existing customers. You’ll get to work directly with other Developers, Software Testers, Business Analysts, Managers, and Directors, all of whom make up the team. In this highly-collaborative environment, you will have the opportunity to grow as a software engineer, and even help mentor others. Are you ready to get started? Apply Today!

Software engineering at Ultimate: https://youtu.be/fy5l8lWJbqQ

Take a look at our company culture: https://youtu.be/v9ssO9PgT_A

Ultimate is ranked #1 in FORTUNE’s Best Places to Work in Technology for 2016 and #15 for 100 “Best Places to Work For in 2016.” This is the 5th year in a row we have been ranked on FORTUNE’s list. We were #21 in 2015, #20 in 2014, and #9 in 2013. Ultimate is also ranked #5 on the inaugural list of “100 Best Workplaces for Millennials” and #8 on Forbes magazine’s 2016 list of the “Most Innovative Growth Companies.”

Primary Responsibilities: (other duties may be assigned)

  • Exercise your C# knowledge by writing some automation using the latest in novel test case frameworks. These frameworks are developed in-house and supported by Selenium.
  • In your team’s daily standup meeting, you explain the challenges you faced while developing the automated tests you worked on yesterday.
  • After the story kick off meeting, you analyze and document test cases for those bleeding edge cases.
  • Exploratory testing: this is when you get to let loose on the application – go crazy and try to break it! Bring out your inner Sid! (Hope you don’t mind the Toy Story reference)
  • Maintain/add features on the existing testing framework.
  • Brainstorm with the team on new ideas to make the testing framework more robust.
  • Work with our seasoned test architects to develop and advance your career.
  • Finally, before the day winds out, you demo your story to the team, and it gets closed because you thought of every little thing!


  • Ability to write and test code in an object oriented language, preferably C#. (Java, Ruby, VB.Net are also accepted, but must be able to ramp up to C# easily)
  • Experience in ASP.Net design and programming
  • Principles of OOP
  • Experience in JavaScript/jquery/CSS Selectors
  • Ability to write intermediate SQL code
  • Subversion, git or other source control protocol knowledge
  • Experience with an automation framework
  • Selenium knowledge/familiarity is preferred
  • Have worked with a CI system (ex. TeamCity, or one of the Butlers…)
  • Knowledge of testing techniques/methodologies and how to apply them (white box, equivalence class partitioning, pairwise, state transition, boundary value, decision table)
  • Any Agile or Lean Software Development experience such as Kanban, Scrum, Test-Driven Development, and/or Extreme Programming methodologies
  • Detail-oriented
  • Teamwork is a must
  • Ability to manage priority amongst multiple projects


  • A degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, IT or a related field is a plus

Travel Requirement: None

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