Systems Engineer - Mobile Platform

Uber Overview

Uber is looking for a top-notch Systems Engineer to join our Mobile Platform team. This role involves systems management and automation in an extremely fast-growth environment. Insane scalability is the name of the game. If you love working on software/hardware products that touch the physical world and want some serious experience under exponential growth conditions, this is it.

As a member of the Device Technology Platform team, you’ll be steering mobile software and hardware automation at one of the fastest growing companies on the planet. You’ll be driving the roadmap and implementation of Mobile DevOps at Uber, including the build and scale of our hardware and operating system infrastructure for Mobile Continuous Integration. A successful candidate will support a always-on environment that allows our developers to seamlessly integrate code, allows for simple automation testing and facilitates the build and release of Uber’s mobile applications each week. You should have a demonstrable ability to manage fast-moving infrastructure at scale and be familiar with mobile device test automation and physical device labs.

Job Description

System Management Experience. Background in system engineering or administration in a large scale Internet company is a big plus here. You’ll expected to be able to troubleshoot host- and server-related issues or spin up multiple development environments to support peak loads for test and production. In addition, there are ground-floor opportunities to work with container (Docker) and cloud technology (Amazon AWS) at massive scale.

  • Complex environments. Uber’s vision for mobile continuous integration maintains fully-redundant, autonomously-scaling infrastructure in fully hybrid hosting environments.
  • Programming/Scripting skills. First and foremost, you should be a strong Systems Engineer with a penchant for scripting and automation. This role will require the ability to understand others’ code and write your own for both configuration management and other functions.
  • Able to code in one of the popular programming languages: Ruby, Python, Shell Scripting, Groovy/Java, Objective-C, and/or Swift.
  • Operating Systems. Experience in systems management, specifically with continuous integration systems on various operating systems. At Uber those will include: OS X, Debian or Ubuntu and other Linux variants, AWS EC2 environments and others. A firm understanding of Android and iOS apps and build systems along with cloud management technology is also a plus. Working knowledge of package and dependency management, thin and monolithic imaging, and inventory reporting are also important.
  • Configuration management. Puppet, Chef, Docker, Salt, Ansible, etc
  • Monitoring tools. Nagios, Graphite, etc.
  • Networking. Excellent working knowledge of TCP/IP. Need to be able to troubleshoot issues using tcpdump, ping, traceroute, telnet. Strong understanding of DHCP/DNS and routing layers.
  • Prior management of Jenkins for continuous integration is preferred.
  • Knowledge of the principles of accessibility and ability to build products that are accessible to users with disabilities, a plus
  • Enthusiastic self-starter with 5+ years experience managing production-grade infrastructure at the hardware and operating system levels
  • Strong communication skills
  • Demonstrates excellent collaboration with teams
  • Can work autonomously or in a team setting
  • Excellent multi-tasker


Be sure to check out the Uber Engineering Blog to learn more about the team.

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