Software Engineer - SLAM / Localization Expert

Uber Overview

About Uber:

Uber is a technology company that is changing the way the world thinks about transportation. We are building technology people use everyday. Whether it's heading home from work, getting a meal delivered from a favorite restaurant, or a way to earn extra income, Uber is becoming part of the fabric of daily life.

We're making cities safer, smarter, and more connected. And we're doing it at a global scale-energizing local economies and bringing opportunity to millions of people around the world.

Uber's positive impact is tangible in the communities we operate in, and that drives us to keep moving forward.

Job Description

About The Role:

We are looking to have world class mapping capabilities to support riders, drivers and even autonomous vehicles. This starts with collecting ground truth to continue to improve the base map data through imagery. The role will be focused on computer vision approaches to improve the geolocation of imagery and build out dense stereo reconstruction models for everywhere that Uber drives.


What You'll Do:

  • improve world class maps
  • Large scale processing of sensor data from imagery, GPS/IMU, and vehicle odometry
  • Develop stereo reconstruction at scale
  • Develop surface reconstruction approaches from point clouds at scale
  • Develop structure from motion pipelines for entire cities
  • Improve the accuracy/quality of all imagery for Uber
  • Transition computer vision algorithms to mobile devices

What You'll Need:

  • Experience in structure from motion, dense reconstruction or visual odometry
  • Experience optimizing image feature detection and matching
  • Experience running image feature detection and matching on mobile devices or GPUs
  • Experience with python and/or C++

Bonus Points If:

  • If you happen to have skills in the following areas:
  • Autonomous vehicle & general robotics
  • Classification & prediction
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Distributed and large scale computing
  • Game programming
  • Metrics & data analysis, etc.
  • Experience with Spark or Scala
  • Experience scaling computer vision applications

About the Team:

Uber, Advanced Technologies, Engineering - Imagery is the Louisville, CO division of the Uber Engineering Team: a high-performance culture marked by boldness and achievement. Our work is primarily in the areas of mapping and sensing. Our team is comprised of world-class developers and engineers with decades of experience and we're looking for exceptional engineers who can work faster and smarter without sacrificing technical excellence. We are engaged and excited about completely transforming the transportation industry across the world.

See Inside the Office of Uber

Uber is an on-demand car service that’s shaking up transportation systems around the world. By solving some of the world’s biggest problems, Uber hopes to create a future where there is limitless freedom of movement for people and things across the globe. Through passion, optimism, and curiosity for building solutions, the team at Uber strives to learn together, solve together, build together, and ultimately move the world forward together.

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