Software Engineer - Android/iOS Static Analysis

Uber Overview

We are seeking a strong engineer to build static code analysis tools to help identify problems in our Uber Mobile apps before they are shipped. This team is responsible for building an ecosystem of tools for static analysis to detect all classes of bugs in IOS (swift) and Android (Java) apps. This may include the development of new tools, contributions to existing community tools (Infer, findBugs, lint, SwiftLint, etc), and the application of existing tools (Coverity, PMD, etc) throughout our entire code base. Static analysis will be used to analyze the flow of data in the application for properties like isolation, OS lifecycle safety, and security.


  • Analyzing Uber’s mobile applications, across both iOS/Android and all products
  • Rethinking how static analysis is applied to mobile code, including device lifecycles,
  • Innovating how large code bases can be split or optimized to permit large-scale static analysis
  • Helping set the direction of our architecture and frameworks to enable writing code that can be easily analyzed


  • Excellent coding skills and software design skills
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, PhD preferred
  • Previous experience developing new static analysis techniques or applications
  • Solid understanding of the current state of the art in static analysis techniques
  • 3+ years of software development or developing infrastructure

Nice to have:

  • Published works in the field of static analysis
  • Experience analyzing large, production code bases
  • Experience developing mobile apps and/or mobile testing frameworks/tools
  • Deep knowledge of Android or iOS technology stack, or full stack developer
  • Hands-on experience with dependency injection and unit testing

Be sure to check out the Uber Engineering Blog to learn more about the team.

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