Product Manager - Rider Seattle - Airports, Venues & Events

Uber Overview

Uber has already found strong product/market fit with its world-changing service. But it is absolutely day one for us. We're seeking a small group of unbelievably talented product leaders to define and execute against a giant vision that builds upon what Uber has brought to the world so far.

If you have the right stuff to join the Uber Product team, you'll work among star engineers, designers and product managers in a fast-paced, rapidly growing, hybrid technology/operations environment. We are highly rider-centric and we deeply believe we can innovate our way out of any box. The role demands great technical depth, principled thinking, well honed product judgment, a stubborn refusal to settle, bold innovation, a high design bar and a mentality of starting with the rider and working backwards.

Uber at Airports offers riders the opportunity to enjoy a convenient, safe, reliable, and affordable ride with Uber as part of every trip to and from the airport or major venue.

Job Description

About The Roles

As PM lead of Uber Airports, you will envision and implement a product roadmap and strategy for making Uber part of every airport experience and then lead the broader cross-functional team to success. Your roadmap may span projects that range from purely technical to purely real-world, and any combination thereof.

As PM for Events, you will be challenged with building the foundation and experience of Uber at events. This role will involve optimizing the complete rider and driver experience, from how riders and drivers find each other in high-density areas to how we grow ridership to and from events. This is challenging because events have characteristics not seen in normal market conditions. Events have large demand spikes, uniform traffic congestion, and an operational system that hasn't changed in tens of years. You will be on the frontier of disrupting event transportation.

Your performance is measured both by the program's overall metrics and by your ability to build and lead a cohesive, motivated, nimble, and high-performing cross-functional team. You will work closely with counterparts in Engineering, Design, Business Development, Data Science, and Operations.

What You'll Need

  • Deep passion for travel and familiarity with the airport, venue, and/or rental car industry -- tell us where you've been and how Uber can make that trip better!
  • Experience building & leading businesses, including ownership of business performance metrics.
  • A computer science undergraduate degree or equivalent, preferably including hands-on software engineering experience. Technical understanding must go from the highest abstractions down to the metal.
  • 7+ years experience delivering highly successful and innovative consumer Internet products with your fingerprints all over them - you're extremely proud of what you've accomplished.
  • Stellar design instincts and product taste.
  • A high bar across the board - from your own contributions to the people you work with to the products you work on.
  • A "driver" personality - biased toward action, great collaborator and master disambiguator/simplifier - constantly pushing toward clarity and delivery.
  • Grittiness. You never hesitate to roll up your sleeves and tackle something hands-on, you persevere when others fall away.
  • Finger-tippiness with data: you just go get the data you need with no muss/fuss and can whip it into an insightful story with no help. You know how to leverage data to make decisions without getting stuck in analysis paralysis.
  • Rider-centricity - examples from your past of tough product challenges that you powered through because you were unwilling to make your problems your riders' problems.
  • True passion for Uber's mission and the company's hybrid technology / operations nature.
  • A never-ending desire to grow and learn.




  • Employees are given Uber credits every month
  • Ground floor opportunity with the team; shape the strategic direction of the company.
  • The rare opportunity to change the world such that everyone around you is using the product you built. We're not just another social web app, we're moving real people and assets and reinventing transportation and logistics globally.
  • Sharp, motivated co-workers in a fun office environment.


  • 401(k) plan, gym reimbursement, nine paid company holidays.
  • Full medical/dental/vision package to fit your needs.
  • Unlimited vacation policy; work hard and take time when you need it.

We're bringing Uber to every major city in the world. We need brains and passion to make it happen and to make it happen in style.

Meet Some of Uber's Employees

Brian M.

Community Management Specialist

Brian makes sure that every Uber user has an amazing experience. He troubleshoots roadblocks to customer happiness and also does outreach to attract new Uber users.

Swathy P.

Operations & Logistics Manager

Swathy is part of the team that is the driving force behind Uber’s transportation options. She helps sign up the drivers, makes sure the vehicles run smoothly, and tackles any logistical bumps along the road.

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