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Uber Overview

Uber is a technology company that is changing the way the world thinks about transportation. We are building technology people use everyday. Whether it's heading home from work, getting a meal delivered from a favorite restaurant, or a way to earn extra income, Uber is becoming part of the fabric of daily life.

We're making cities safer, smarter, and more connected. And we're doing it at a global scale-energizing local economies and bringing opportunity to millions of people around the world.

Uber's positive impact is tangible in the communities we operate in, and that drives us to keep moving forward.

Job Description

Uber has already found strong product/market fit with its world-changing service. But it is still day one for us. We're seeking a small group of brilliant product leaders to define and execute a giant vision that builds upon what Uber has brought to the world so far.

Uber runs two primary apps: one for riders (which you probably know) and one for drivers (which you may not yet, but you should -- get out on the road!). Both are heavily consumer-facing and transact tens of billions of dollars annually. As a PM team, many of our products & features span both apps, which means exposure to both rider and driver audiences in your career at Uber.

If you have the right stuff to join the Uber Rider Product team, you'll work among star engineers, designers and product managers in a fast-paced, rapidly growing, hybrid technology/operations environment. We are highly rider- and driver-centric and we believe we can innovate our way out of any box. The role demands great technical depth, principled thinking, well honed product judgment, a stubborn refusal to settle, bold innovation, a high design bar and a mentality of starting with the rider and driver and working backwards.

Sound like you? Read on to learn more about opportunities available on Rider:

The Role | Product Manager - Rider Experience Platform

Millions of riders globally use the Uber app every single day to fulfill one of their most fundamental needs: transportation. You will build the frameworks that underpin the features of this app, making sure the quality of the experience is the highest it can possibly be, both for today's Uber and for whatever we invent tomorrow.

A key part of your job will be to lead a cross-functional team that develops frameworks and designs an information architecture that will accommodate the hundreds of features that teams across Uber are inventing and building. You will figure out how to balance the ultimate need for simplicity - tap a button, get a ride - while still creating a launchpad for innovation and experimentation. Additionally, you will lead a team of engineers to ensure that our app is blazingly fast, stable, and easy to develop on.

The Role | Product Manager - Shared Rides, Matching & Data Intelligence

As PM for Shared Rides matching and data intelligence, you will drive two teams focused on the efficiency and experience of uberPOOL and other Shared Rides products. On the matching side, you will be responsible for figuring out which people we match together and what car to assign them to, as well as pushing the boundaries of our dispatch system to support new types of dispatches that incorporate multiple riders sharing a car. You will have to define the vision for the team and execute against that vision.

For the data intelligence platform, you will be responsible for making sure our Shared Rides group has access to the right data at the right time. That is everything from ensuring a robust data pipeline to dashboards for our internal customers. We are only as good as the speed at which we learn and making sure we have accurate, reliable, fast, and well-organized data is the foundation for building our best products.

You will stretch across data science, backend engineering and scalability, architecting systems, and delivering inspiring experiences. When successful, you will help craft the transportation of the future – one where traffic, driving alone, and being constrained in getting around your city is a thing of the past. This role requires strong technical chop and deep orientation towards data.

What you'll be doing

  • Internalize and deeply understand Uber's mission and strategies, as well as the mission and objectives of your specific team
  • Distill vision and strategy for the charter, and get all members of cross-functional team #superpumped.
  • Be incredibly truth-seeking. Collect whatever data is necessary to inform product direction, whether in the form of competitive intel, rider behavior or other business metrics. Solicit and adopt critical feedback.
  • Drive cross-functional team to set qualitative objectives and quantitative goals
  • Drive innovation, definition, deliverables planning (roadmap) and design of entirely new Uber products and product features to deliver against team and company goals. Requires challenging members of each functional team (engineering, design, etc.) to think boldly and creatively and then to funnel that energy into concrete products and execution plans.
  • Drive definition of and execution against product go-to-market plan, including phasing and marketing.
  • Monitor and measure launched products and feed insights back into product development process.
  • Clearly communicate product plans, benefits and results, as appropriate, to a spectrum of audiences, from internal partners to all Uber employees to riders.

Here are the kinds of skills we're looking for

  • A computer science undergraduate degree or equivalent plus hands-on software engineering experience. Technical understanding should go from the highest abstractions down to the metal.
  • Experience delivering highly successful and innovative consumer Internet products with your fingerprints all over them - you're very proud of what you've accomplished.
  • Stellar design instincts and product taste - own what you build.
  • A high bar across the board - from your own contributions to the people you work with to the products you work on.
  • A "driver" personality - biased toward action, great collaborator and master simplifier - constantly pushing toward clarity and delivery.
  • Grittiness. You never hesitate to roll up your sleeves and pursue something, you persevere when others fall away.
  • Finger-tippiness with data: you just go get the data you need with no muss/fuss and can whip it into an insightful story with no help. You know how to use data to make decisions without getting stuck in analysis paralysis.
  • Rider-centricity - examples from your past of tough product challenges that you powered through because you were unwilling to make your problems your riders' problems.
  • True passion for Uber's charter and the company's hybrid technology / operations nature.
  • A never-ending desire to grow and learn.


  • Employees are showered with Uber credits each month.
  • Ground floor opportunity with the team; shape the strategic direction of the company.
  • The rare opportunity to change the world such that everyone around you is using the product you built. We're not just another social web app, we're moving real people and assets and reinventing transportation and logistics globally.
  • Sharp, motivated co-workers in a fun office environment.

Benefits (United States)

  • 401(k) plan, gym reimbursement, nine paid company holidays.
  • Full medical/dental/vision package to fit your needs.
  • Unlimited vacation policy; work hard and take time when you need it.

We're bringing Uber to every major city in the world. We need brains and passion to make it happen and to make it happen in style.

Uber is an equal opportunity employer and enthusiastically inspires people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to apply. Uber does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), gender, national origin, citizenship, age, mental or physical disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law.

Meet Some of Uber's Employees

Brian M.

Community Management Specialist

Brian makes sure that every Uber user has an amazing experience. He troubleshoots roadblocks to customer happiness and also does outreach to attract new Uber users.

Swathy P.

Operations & Logistics Manager

Swathy is part of the team that is the driving force behind Uber’s transportation options. She helps sign up the drivers, makes sure the vehicles run smoothly, and tackles any logistical bumps along the road.

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