MBA Operations and Logistics Internship/Co-op (SoCal)

Uber Overview

Our Operations teams are the heart and soul of Uber. These are the teams that take our global product and localize it to an assigned market, while creating thousands of economic opportunities for drivers, and making transportation cheaper and more accessible for our riders. We are in the midst of incredible growth, which requires hard work. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about what they do and ready to roll up their sleeves to grow their city.

The Operations & Logistics Intern role is a unique opportunity to have a direct impact on your city through the growth and optimization of the driver population on Uber’s platform. This is a critical role as it directly correlates to continually improving the rider experience through greater driver availability, while minimizing costs and streamlining processes associated with the supply side of our business. This data-driven role calls for a rare combination of analytical thinking and interpersonal ability to manage relationships with a very valuable part of our business; our driver partners.

This person will work with data to monitor driver behavior and ensure efficiency through asset utilization, product improvement and supply-chain management. This role is ultimately responsible for making sure we have drivers on the road, where we need them, and when we need them, at all times.

Internship/co-ops are paid and are a minimum of 12-weeks in length in our SoCal office for Summer 2017.

Job Description


  • Analytical Ability – We take an intensely data-driven approach to running our business. In order to efficiently manage our marketplace, you need to be able to constantly monitor and understand trends in supply and demand, and use our data to make the right, data-driven operational decisions. Excellent excel & modeling skills, SQL skills preferred.
  • Customer Obsession – When determining what to do, you start with what is best for the customer. That can be hard, but you refuse to settle. Instead, you innovate your way out of the box. You are relentless in figuring out what matters to customers and then doing everything in your power to deliver it.
  • Process Improvement Mindset – Take big picture ideas and break them into actionable steps with aggressive timelines for completion. Continuously iterate and experiment to improve existing processes and drive growth of the business.
  • Business Instincts – Inherently curious by nature, you enjoy thinking about what makes different businesses tick. You’d be excited to master Uber’s business model, and would diligently pursue making that model flourish in your city.
  • Hustle – Take ownership of Uber’s growth in their city and do whatever it takes to get the job done.


  • Currently enrolled in a top MBA program.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business/Economics, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Degrees or similar fields.
  • 2-5 years of experience using data to drive business decisions; High growth, technology, strategy consulting, investment banking/private equity background.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: January 6, 2017

Meet Some of Uber's Employees

Brian M.

Community Management Specialist

Brian makes sure that every Uber user has an amazing experience. He troubleshoots roadblocks to customer happiness and also does outreach to attract new Uber users.

Swathy P.

Operations & Logistics Manager

Swathy is part of the team that is the driving force behind Uber’s transportation options. She helps sign up the drivers, makes sure the vehicles run smoothly, and tackles any logistical bumps along the road.

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