Engineering Manager - Mobile Platform and Tooling (Amsterdam)

Uber OverviewUber Engineering is growing quickly across the globe as we look to pursue some exciting opportunities at scale and in challenging regions around the world. As we grow our engineering team, we are looking to ensure that our engineers can continue to deliver software consistently, reliably with confidence and minimal friction. To support these ambitions, the mobile developer productivity team is looking for a technical engineering manager with a real passion for mobile, automation and quality. The mobile developer productivity team at Uber runs the overall experience engineers have and the tooling they use on a day to day basis. Their mission is to 'Empower engineers to ship quality code, fast' and are responsible for the overall continuous integration infrastructure and services as well as tooling used on the desktop. This means everything from IDEs used to the stability of the platform that provides fast feedback to engineers on their changes as well as the tooling that runs within the pipeline. This platform needs to be able to run tens of thousands of jobs a day and ensure engineers receive accurate and fast feedback on the quality of their changes. To succeed in this role, you will need to be passionate about technology and still have up to date knowledge within the technical and mobile domain. You will have a good understanding of concepts like continuous delivery and continuous integration as well as live the concept of quality day in and day out. You will understand what makes teams and individuals tick and how to bring the best out them. We want you to help us lead and grow teams that will build the next generation of mobile tooling and infrastructure required to support thousands of engineers and deliver our mobile applications to millions of users around the globe. You will play a key role within our Amsterdam office or San Francisco office, leading the way to help Uber push its mobile engineering build, tooling and automation practices to the next level.Job DescriptionWhat we're looking for:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/Software Engineering or similar domain
  • Solid fundamentals in software engineering concepts such as build systems, testing and automation in the continuous delivery space
  • At least 6 years of experience working in the software engineering industry and in-depth understanding and experience in mobile technologies and platforms
  • At least 4 years of management experience building and leading engineering teams
  • Good understanding of processes and practices related to continuous improvement and building autonomous, highly productive teams
  • Able to collaborate and communicate on a global scale with other teams and leaders to help figure out gaps in our tooling and infrastructure and help drive solutions

Bonus points:

  • Working in a globally distributed engineering organisation
  • A track record of delivering change into engineering teams/organisations

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