Engineering Manager, Distributed Tracing Platform

Uber Overview

Observability is a platform mission within Uber Infrastructure that is charged with measuring and monitoring every mission-critical service at Uber. Headquartered in New York City and with teams in San Francisco and Vilnius, the Observability team develops and provides a portfolio of measurement, monitoring, and tracing services aimed at providing extreme leverage to software developers across Uber.

About Jaeger Tracing:

Jaeger is Uber’s distributed tracing system, designed to provide real time performance monitoring and profiling for distributed architectures. Inspired by Google’s Dapper and OpenZipkin, Jaeger is a complete redesign based on the new OpenTracing standard, on track to be fully open source in Q1 2017.

Since its first deployment in production about a year ago, over 600 microservices have been integrated with Jaeger.

Distributed Tracing blog post:

Check out Jaeger Project here:

Job Description

Experience: 10+ years in infrastructure; 5+ years management

Education: BS or higher in computer science or software engineering (preferred) or other STEM discipline

The Observability Jaeger team seeks a seasoned platform systems engineering leader capable of working effectively with a strong and senior team. It will require solid experience building large-scale distributed systems and the ability to work and negotiate effectively with senior stakeholders.

Candidates will need to have:

  • Software engineering skills – architecture and design of software, development processes and tools, testing, software forensics, change management processes and tools, documentation
  • Systems engineering skills – distributed systems architecture, SOA and microservices, system management, system configuration
  • Quantitative and analytical skills – measurement and analysis of systems, scalability analysis, Fermi analysis, Big-O analysis
  • Planning and organizational skills – able to lead a highly structured planning process (Uber uses the OKR – Objectives and Key Results framework) that produces clear technical and product direction for M3 in collaboration with numerous engineering stakeholders
  • Highly effective communication skills – needs to drive discussions / roadmaps with other engineering leaders within Uber and negotiate conflicting priorities.
  • Work closely with the Tech Lead of the team, complementing the TL’s vision of architecture and design with a focus on organizational relationships, staff development, and overall team health.
  • Advanced managerial acumen. Prefer candidates that have experience managing large teams but are excited more about the scale of their impact than the size of their empire.

This role requires some travel to San Francisco (Uber HQ) to participate in discussions with key stakeholders about requirements and needs.

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