Data Scientist - Internship/Co-op

Uber Overview

Uber Data Science is looking for world class data science interns to join its Data Science Platform, a group responsible for building, scaling, and centralizing the data science workflows throughout the company. Specifically, we have opportunities for world-class timeseries modelers, machine learning specialists, and experimentalists to come on-board and make an immediate impact.

To date, Uber has been hard at work building a global transportation fabric that spans the globe, and data science lies at the heart of it. The Data Science Platform lies at the foundation of this success- you’ll be working in cross-functional teams of engineers, scientists, and product professionals on projects like Uber’s anomaly detection and intelligent monitoring group, its experimentation platform, or its machine learning model development and deployment platform.

In this role, you’ll be building world-class solutions in one of the following areas:

  • Experimentation: You’ll bring a scientist’s mindset to every company action. From driving understanding Uber’s canon of metrics to providing the tools and features to help every Uber employee design, execute, and analyze their experiments, this is the perfect role for someone with a deep passion for doing science at scale.
  • Intelligent Monitoring: Bringing the Uber level of excellence to engineering reliability means predicting outages before they occur. If you’ve got expertise in anomaly detection, timeseries modeling, or root cause analysis and a passion for quality, this is the right group for you.
  • Machine Learning: Centralizing the training, testing, and deployment of Uber’s predictive models creates massive leverage and impact throughout the company. The Machine Learning group is responsible for intelligent, highly performant, highly scalable modeling implementations, baked into a user-friendly platform- if you like to build and have deep domain expertise, the Machine Learning group is the right fit for you.
  • Data Modeling: Helping to define actionable, intelligent business metrics that inform and power Uber’s decision-makers. Provide a comprehensive view of how Uber’s various products, experiments, and business units interact with and influence each other.

Job Description


  • Current students pursuing a graduate degree in computer science or a quantitative domain plus hands-on software engineering and data science experience. Technical understanding must go from the highest abstractions down to the metal.
  • Prior professional/internship experience delivering, scaling, and owning highly successful and innovative data science products with your fingerprints all over them – you’re extremely proud of what you’ve accomplished.
  • Demonstrable proficiency in coding (Python, Sparq, R preferred) and programming concepts, combined with the enthusiasm and passion to build.
  • An ability to connect the deep domain expertise of the researcher with the pragmatism and scrappiness of the entrepreneur- you’re a true generalist.
  • Demonstrable expertise building modeling and data science tools and platforms- you want to own the workflows of how Uber does data science.
  • Demonstrable deep domain expertise in your area of choice- we’re looking to build teams that inspire each other to teach and be taught with their skills.
  • A high bar across the board – from your own contributions to the people you work with to the products you work on
  • A “driver” personality – biased toward action, great collaborator and master disambiguator/simplifier – constantly pushing toward clarity and delivery.
  • Grittiness. You never hesitate to roll up your sleeves and tackle something hands-on, you persevere when others fall away.
  • Finger-tippiness with data: you just go get the data you need with no muss/fuss and can whip it into an insightful story with no help. You know how to leverage data to make decisions without getting stuck in paralysis by analysis.

Internship/co-ops are a minimum of 12-weeks in length in our San Francisco headquarters.

Applicants MUST be returning to at least one semester of school upon completion of the internship at Uber.

Be sure to check out the Uber Engineering Blog to learn more about the team.



  • Competitive hourly pay.
  • Catered meals and unlimited snacks.
  • Monthly housing stipend, reimbursement for cell phone bill and credits for Uber rides.
  • The rare opportunity to change the world such that everyone around you is using the product you built. We’re not just another social web app, we’re moving real people and assets and reinventing transportation and logistics globally.
  • Sharp, motivated co-workers in a fun office environment.
  • Opportunity for full time employment upon successful completion of the internship.



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