Content Manager, Community Operations, UberEATS EMEA

Uber Overview


Uber is a venture-funded startup headquartered in San Francisco. We are a global mobility and logistics technology platform: our flagship service allows users to request quality, on-demand rides and food with a touch of their smartphone and we are rapidly developing new products. We are present in over 450+ cities worldwide, including over 50+ cities in EMEA with plans to rapidly expand in the region. We have already found strong product market fit with a world changing service, but we’re only just getting started.

UberEATS delivers the best of your city right when you want it. Our curated menus feature dishes from the local spots you love and the ones you’ve always wanted to try. It’s the same cashless payment as an Uber ride. So just tap the app, get your food delivered right to your doorstep and enjoy!

Providing amazing support for eaters, restaurants and couriers, our community, is a core feature of our product experience. We invest in it, and believe in providing the highest quality service executed in the smartest, most efficient way.

Job Description


At Uber, thousands of people are engaged in providing world-class support to our community. Ours is a dynamic and changing company, so our support people need to be kept up to date on every nuance.

Our support documentation platform is the vital tool at the core of this – it has to be constantly up to date, easily readable by thousands of people across multiple countries and easily updateable by hundreds of people across many languages. Uber has amassed a veritable treasure trove of Community Operations documentation, including support processes and logic.

The EMEA Community Operations Team aims to make UberEATS’s regional Community Operations documentation a cornerstone of our training and operations initiatives.

We are looking for a rockstar Content Manager who is going to be in charge of creating awesome support content for support agents. You will be contributing to the learning and development of the EMEA UberEATS team supporting millions of orders around the world.


You’ll be tasked with defining the UberEATS content strategy for EMEA, and creating support content in an innovative and scalable way at one of the fastest growing and changing companies in the world. You’re prepared to:

  • Lead the Content creation and maintenance strategy for UberEATS in EMEA, in coordination with the EMEA CommOps Central team, as well as the UberEATS teams
  • Create support content (policies and processes) easily readable and understandable by both experienced and newer agents servicing our customers
  • Write empathetic, clear and to-the-point responses for our customers, as well as efficient and straightforward self-service online documentation
  • Manage the creation, review and localization of all the self-service content available to our customers in the help sections of the app and the website
  • Coordinate translation processes with local content experts in the EMEA markets, as well as translation agencies, while making sure that the content reflects our culture and tone
  • Work closely with global and regional content experts, coordinate the roll-out of new content, and act as the contact point to all content changes happening at the regional level
  • Coordinate change and update requests coming from local content experts in the EMEA markets, be proactive in communicating updates and changes, and work closely with them to keep the content up-to-date
  • Participate to the overall efforts aiming at improving the global content management tools, and be proactive in providing feedback


The ideal candidate will check the following boxes:

  • Significant experience – 3+ years – and expertise in creating and maintaining content and working with content management systems
  • Excellent writing skills – experience in copywriting is a plus – concise, structured and packed with personality. Ability to write logical and easy-to-follow process steps
  • Data-driven decision making mentality and sound business judgment through strong analytical thinking
  • An eye for effective UX / UI
  • Literate in SQL and Excel or another data management tool preferred
  • Startup, all-hands-on-deck approach


  • A builder – Creating scalable content, with help from SMEs & curriculum leads, is a piece-of-cake.
  • Tech Savvy – You are comfortable learning new systems and have experience in building and creating eLearning across multiple tools
  • A self starter – You’re ready for the autonomy that comes with building a new process at Uber.
  • A team player – You aren’t scared to collaborate across function or region to get the best possible outcome for your content.
  • Poised – Cool and calm under pressure, you follow through on tasks and look for opportunities to step up to new challenges.
  • Process driven – You have superior organizational skills, and constantly look to iterate on things to make them more efficient.
  • Naturally curious – You love learning and are invested in making our Community Operations org successful through laying a strong foundation for our Community Support teams.
  • Hustle – Uber moves fast, and runs lean. You’re flexible, fearless, and never satisfied with the status quo. You have no problem stepping on other people’s toes if it means pushing for the right idea that will help build awesome experiences for our users across the globe.
  • Ownership – You get things done. Passionate, self-driven and fearless, you are deeply committed to taking Uber support to the next level and rise to the occasion to solve problems, big and small. You don’t wait around for other people to tell you what to do and have the initiative to solve problems on your own.
  • Motivated – You understand the impact of a highly satisfied, excited crew of users, and are slightly obsessive-compulsive about grinding away at issues.
  • Service orientation – As the voice of Uber to thousands of users, you’ll use this opportunity to make evangelists out of our toughest haters. Your efforts will create more reasons for people to use Uber and to continue to trust us to get them where they need to go.



  • Employees will receive Uber credits each month
  • Ground floor opportunity with the team; shape the strategic direction of the company
  • The rare opportunity to change the world such that everyone around you is using the product you built
  • We’re not just another social web app, we’re moving real people and assets and reinventing logistics globally
  • Sharp, motivated, hard-working co-workers in a fun office environment
  • Salary and compensation based on experience.

Meet Some of Uber's Employees

Brian M.

Community Management Specialist

Brian makes sure that every Uber user has an amazing experience. He troubleshoots roadblocks to customer happiness and also does outreach to attract new Uber users.

Swathy P.

Operations & Logistics Manager

Swathy is part of the team that is the driving force behind Uber’s transportation options. She helps sign up the drivers, makes sure the vehicles run smoothly, and tackles any logistical bumps along the road.

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