Communications Designer, Uber for Business

Uber Overview

About Uber

Uber is a technology company that is changing the way the world thinks about transportation. We are building technology people use everyday. Whether it's heading home from work, getting a meal delivered from a favorite restaurant, or a way to earn extra income, Uber is becoming part of the fabric of daily life.

We're making cities safer, smarter, and more connected. And we're doing it at a global scale-energizing local economies and bringing opportunity to millions of people around the world.

Uber's positive impact is tangible in the communities we operate in, and that drives us to keep moving forward.

Job Description

Uber for Business is a small team with HUGE impact. We are responsible for building the platform that lets large groups of people use Uber services together.

Our team's purview gives you the opportunity to touch on all of Uber's services (Rides, Eats, Pool, etc) as well as work on new value add services (Admin Dashboard, Business Profiles, Events, Central, etc).

You'll be responsible for developing a visual brand identity that speaks to all of the organizations that use Uber for Business. (SMB, Enterprise, Universities, Hospitals, etc). You'll work with brand, product, marketing, and sales to help us refine our value proposition.

Our team's proven track record has give us more autonomy over our vision, goals, roadmap, process, and headcount.

Uber for Business, provides a unique opportunity for smart and friendly folk, to be a part of a small 'startup' team within one of the most successful startups in history.

What You'll Do / What You'll Need / Bonus Points / About the Team

We might be a good match if...

You've worked with world-class brands.

Your portfolio is eye-wateringly beautiful. You've proven your capabilities with instantly recognizable companies known for exceptional design. Your standards are incredibly high. You know how to elevate a brand.

You're primarily digital with some analog tendencies.

You push the limits of a responsive layout and can pack a punch into a 30k ad banner. You love the emotional impact added by interactions, transitions, and animations, but you're not afraid of a little CMYK. Your skills are built on a foundation of classical graphic design.

You are a storyteller.

You understand that the key to great communication design is great communication. You use stories to make your work compelling, relevant, and meaningful to your audience.

You have big ideas.

You think about more than just execution. You're experienced in concept creation and can pitch an ad better than Don Draper. You always map your work to conceptual strategies that resonate with the intended audience.

Strategy matters.

You are able to help a team identify new opportunities, articulate north stars, breakdown abstract goals, think through complex systems, and triage interdependent priorities. You help teams plan and cost out the incremental investments, and timeline of deliverables needed to complete large missions while hitting a high bar.

The details matter to you.

You've spent your career slaving over letter spacing and corner rounding. You can't not bump that object 2px to the left just to get it right. Your typography and executions are flawless and you have a black belt in illustration and icon design.

You are incredibly productive.

You deliver twice the quality in half the time. You mastered the Creative Suite years ago. You geek out on keyboard shortcuts, Photoshop actions, and the newest prototyping tools. You constantly strive to optimize your workflow, increase your output, and become a more efficient and effective designer.

You can think and talk about the bottom line.

Analytics don't scare you, and you know which features can act as force multipliers on your company's business model. You translate business strategies into compelling experiences for real people.

Cross-platform is your style.

Hopefully you've designed for several platforms. You know what translates from desktop and what doesn't, when to design in RGB vs CMYK and when to refer to a Pantone book.

Here are the kind of skills we're looking for:

  • Strong conceptual thinker
  • Proven ability to deliver exceptional design at high volumes under tight timelines
  • 7+ years of visual design experience
  • Ability to elevate our brand and establish a high bar for design quality
  • Ability to understand our business objectives and strategically plan to hit to hit them
  • Experience with performance marketing a plus, but not necessary
  • Agency experience a plus, but not necessary

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