Data Scientist

Changing the established guidelines of an industry, especially one as rooted as digital advertising, isn't an easy or quick effort, but we believe it's the right thing to do and we want to be the ones to do it. We're looking for hungry people who are passionate about redefining the digital video and media world, from how consumers experience it to how content creators fund it.

We work hard at true[X], and we believe in fostering an open, collaborative, motivating, creative culture for our team; put simply, our employees love to come to work. We have all the perks you can expect from a startup environment, including a sunlit rooftop patio, corn hole and ping pong, and a stocked pantry and fridge.

The true[X] technology team is a bit of an anomaly in the tech world: Once people join us, they tend to stick around. Our leadership has been a part of this company for 10+ years (since the beginning), and our turnover is exceptionally low.

You can ask individual members their thoughts, but this dedication generally comes down to two factors. First, the people: We hire smart, driven, accountable, and friendly individuals. We all appreciate and are proud of the culture we’ve created here, and it’s in no small part due to our high hiring standards. Second (and this point cannot be understated): There is a endless supply of engaging engineering work to be done. Our engineers are constantly expanding their knowledge and experience, whether it be exploring a new language on a hackday, learning the internals of various cloud platforms, or leveraging new tools to work with our “Big (and growing!) Data". Boredom doesn’t exist here.

Our leadership takes pride in fostering a sustainable software development cadence. No artificial deadlines. No guilting our team into staying late. And no micromanagement. We use the best tools to get the job done, end of story. We communicate via Slack (mostly emojis and gifs, really). We like testing. We have an aversion to meetings. You get the hardware you prefer (within reason) to make you as productive as possible. We want you to be happy, and stay a valuable team member for a long time to come.

As a Data Scientist, you will be joining one of the most innovative teams at true[X]. As an AdTech company, data is our lifeblood, and there's a lot of it. Every data scientist wants to get his/her hands on large and interesting data sets, and we can deliver that and more. We do cutting edge ad optimization, and that's the tip of the iceberg. If you've wanted to join a team where your work can really have an effect, read on...


  • Build machine learning and statistical models to to address business needs such a campaign optimization, inventory forecasting, and risk analysis. Boosting trees, neural networks, or support vector machines, scikit-learn, spark MLlib, tensorflow or H2O: We're open to solving problems in many different ways.
  • Perform data mining and feature engineering. We believe the most powerful models can only be built from the most predictive features, and we let the data do the talking. Given the massive volume of data from our proprietary platform and other data providers, you are able to dig into the numbers and develop truly data-driven features.
  • Work with Engineering, Data Engineering, and Product teams to present current finding, gather feedback, and iterate.


  • Advanced degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Operations Research, Statistics or Applied Math with in-depth understanding of machine learning models and/or statistical analysis required
  • Strong knowledge of Python or Scala required
  • Strong knowledge SQL or alike preferred
  • Experience in data processing and building production models
  • Experience with Spark is a plus
  • Experience in the advertising industry is a plus
  • Must be a strong written and verbal communicator

Meet Some of true[X]'s Employees

Alex V.

Senior Platform Engineer

Alex leads a team of talented engineers who collaboratively develop innovative advertising features and applications for customized client engagement servers.

Molly T.

Manager, Employee Engagement & Internal Marketing

Molly promotes important cultural activities and initiatives to company employees, making sure that everyone feels included and appreciated throughout the organization.

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