Data Engineer

The Role 

TripleLift is seeking an experienced data engineer to join our team full time. We are a fast growing startup in the advertising technology sector, trying to tackle some of the most challenging problems facing the industry. As a data engineer, you will be responsible for building and improving our data pipeline and reporting infrastructure.  This role consists of a  variety of responsibilities from building out our large scale data pipelines to building and managing a set of data driven API’s with  the corresponding front end components.


Core Technologies

 We employ a wide variety of technologies here at TripleLift to accomplish our goals. From our early days, we’ve always believed in using the right tools for the right job, and continue to explore new technology options as we grow. The data engineering team primarily uses the following technologies:

  • Apache Spark & Scala for our core data processing framework
  • Java & VoltDB to process to power our sub second real-time data pipeline\
  • PHP7 & Symfony to power our reporting API’s
  • Apache ZooKeeper & Apache Kafka to power are message bus
  • Redshift/Snowflake & Druid as our main data stores
  • Amazon Web Services, Docker, Mesos, & Marathon to power our services


Current Projects / Expected Responsibilities

  • Build out TripleLift’s real time data pipeline to support bringing all the data and metrics in our system up to date with latency measured in milliseconds
  • Rebuild our spark pipeline to make it more extensible, maintainable, and scalable
  • Take our monolithic API system and split it out reporting into a  microservice based system built from scratch to power all our reporting, scheduling, and alerting needs.


Required Skills

  • Experience in either of the following:
    • Large scale distributed data processing & pipelining
    • Building out Asynchronous API’s and services
  • Experience with RDBMS such as PGSQL
  • Experience working with queues or other messaging systems such as RabbitMQ or Apache Kafka


Preferred Skills

  • Experience with a object oriented language such as Java or PHP
  • Experience with a functional based language such as Scala
  • Experience with a distributed data processing framework such as Spark
  • Experience building out RESTful APIs
  • Experience with distributed data bases such as Druid, VoltDB, Snowflake, or Cassandra
  • Basic frontend knowledge and competencies

Education Requirement 

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science,or a related discipline is preferred, although candidates with relevant experience who hold other degrees will be considered.


Experience Requirement

At least 2 years of working in a professional, collaborative environment.



New York, NY


Engineering at TripleLift

The formal engineering department is filled with dedicated, smart, and hardworking individuals who take a great deal of pride in their work. Some of the reasons we all enjoy working here:

  • You get ownership and accountability for projects and have a voice in how the work happens
  • An onus on collaboration and learning over pure short-term output
  • Innovation is baked into how we operate; we’re accepting of new ideas and opened to change
  • Dedicated time set aside each week to pair with others to learn or experiment
  • Team social events such as cooking classes, D&D, and gaming nights

About TripleLift

TripleLift makes native advertising simple, scalable, and effective. Leveraging pioneering computer vision technology, TripleLift seamlessly transforms visual content like images and video into native ads that match the unique look and feel of a publisher's website. TripleLift's native inventory is accessible through the industry's first real-time, native programmatic exchange, helping marketers reach millions of consumers across any device, at scale. Since 2012, TripleLift has delivered meaningful results for some of the world's biggest brands through what it calls the next evolution of display advertising.


Benefits and Company Perks
  • Amazing company culture
  • Competitive salary and performance-based bonuses
  • Ongoing professional development  
  • Comprehensive Medical, Dental and Vision insurance  
  • Equity options 
  • 401(k) program 
  • Snacks on snacks on snacks
  • Yoga, massages, and meals
TripleLift Awards 
  • Crain's Best Places to Work - three years running! (Crain's - 2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Forbes Most Promising Companies in America (Forbes-2015)
  • AdTech Startup of the Year Winner (NYTimes-2015)
  • Startup of the Year Finalist (AdWeek-2015)
  • Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies (Inc. 2017, #163)


Note: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal labor law of general and nationwide application, including Overtime, Minimum Wages, Child Labor Protections, and the Equal Pay Act. This role is a FLSA non-exempt role.

See Inside the Office of TripleLift

At TripleLift, they're passionate about revolutionizing the way brands advertise online. TripleLift is an ad tech company that builds cutting-edge products -- their innovative native ad products allows clients to target consumers using imagery alongside contextually relevant content. TripleLift is building products that give publishers a more meaningful presence and consumers a better ad experience.

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