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POSITION:  Product Managers




POSITION DESCRIPTION: Develop analytical models through the application of statistical tools. Develop data-driven software solutions to support and inform the product design decision-making process. Perform cohort studies for customer metrics such as user engagement and retention for product feature releases. Design mobile and web interfaces. Work with an existing MVC-based application infrastructure. Work with developers, product managers, designers and general managers to achieve overall company objectives.


REQUIREMENTS: Employer will accept Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, or related field and two (2) year of experience in a software- related role. This position also requires education or experience in the following: 1. Prototype native mobile applications using wireframes, Flinto, FramerJS, and Principle; 2. Design, write, and document APIs; 3. Develop backend service using Python, Django, Github; 4. User-centric interaction design using Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator; 5. Application of statistical models using SQL, Postgres, Looker; 6. Develop and design user facing web application using Javascript, HTML, CSS, Django, Handlebar.js, and Backbone; 7. Isolate and analyze user behavior using cohort analysis; and 8. Usability testing and qualitative research.


Job #: 10173.57.


TO APPLY:     Send Resume to:

TripAdvisor Recruiting

                        Attn: 10173.57.

                        400 1st Ave

                        Needham, MA 02494






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Jennifer focuses on constantly bringing new clients onboard TripAdvisor’s advertisement platforms, maintaining individual client relationships and retaining each company’s business year after year.

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