Principal Database Engineer

Want to manage the analytics behind a web site reaching more than 375 million unique monthly visitors?

TripAdvisor’s Warehouse Operations team is responsible for ensuring that our site continues to scale to increasingly huge numbers. We run our own data centers, and manage several Hadoop clusters spanning hundreds of nodes and multiple petabytes of data.  We're looking to bring in the next generation analytics platform to our end users to provide faster and more rapid insights to our ever growing set of data.    We support data that are mission critical to the success of the company spanning business units such as billing, recommendations, personalization, sales, and CRM.

This role is for a highly skilled principal level software engineer with a passion for big data operations, a deep understanding of both software development and the *nix environment and experience with multiple technologies in the Hadoop ecosystem.  We're currently migrating from an ETL built around hive to one that leverages processing of data in a streaming fashion to reduce latencies in data delivery to the end users.   We're looking to build on these success by adding additional products to the ecosystem that support more real-time analytics around very large data sets.   The ideal candidate will have experience with Hadoop, Hive, or MPP database platforms and experience running these environments supporting multiple internal teams.    We're looking for someone who is able to quickly ramp up on new technology in a constantly changing big-data landscape and help us provide additional tools to our users.  



  • Help scale the warehouse with a focus on reducing latency to data from our analysts
  • Document and present designs for technical review and provide feedback on others’ designs
  • Advise other developers on query design, and general database usage, and new system archetecture
  • Mentor more junior developers.



  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Big-O, Algorithms, Data Structures
  • Expert level knowledge and experience with SQL, relational database engines, or MPP databases
  • Strong coding experience in least one statically typed OO language like Java, C++ or C# is mandatory
  • Strong Linux experience: proficiency with tools like lsof, iostat, top and ability to identify resource bottlenecks etc
  • Exposure to next-gen sql on hadoop tools (Drill, Presto, Impala) is a plus
  • 6+ years of professional software development experience
  • Solid understanding of Java and Object-Oriented architecture
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to write clean, correct, and efficient cod
  • Ability to communicate complex concepts clearly
  • Have proven a commitment to delivering quality work on an aggressive schedule as part of a team and as an individual
  • Proven that you are a leader who prioritizes, communicates clearly, and partners effectively with both technical and non-technical employee
  • Prefer startup or early-stage company experience
  • Prefer in-depth and hands-on knowledge of Linux, Java, JavaScript and related open source technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Kafka, Samza, and Yarn.


Additional requirements:

  • Fluency/working knowledge and interest in working with open source technologies
  • Participation in open source community is a strong plus
  • Experience with working in web technology companies strong plus
  • Experience with sharding and other techniques for scaling database
  • Ability to quickly diagnose and fix problems in time sensitive setting on high volume 24/7 web sit
  • Comfort and experience to work in fast pace, rapid (multiple releases a day) environment.




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