Oper., Pallet Truck - Dayside


The Hartford Courant is hiring a Dayside Pallet Truck Operator. This position is responsible for assuring accurate and timely delivery and removal of bundles of preprints, to the insert machines by operating pallet truck for unloading and offloading.


  • Read and interpret production run sheets and other paperwork to prepare preprints on pallets by zone. Unwrap bundles and deliver appropriately to insert machines, operating a pallet truck.
  • Monitor insert machine supplies so that each preprint version is ready when previous version or zone is complete. This may require staging material in advance to avoid production stops. Identify skids by zone, version, date and/or non-subscriber to assure accurate timely delivery to insert machine.
  • Remove packaged preprints, mark appropriately for loading onto trucks.
  • Remove empty skids, cardboard, waste, etc., placing in appropriate area.
  • Dispose of metal and plastic strapping and other recyclable materials in designated areas.
  • Supply insert machines with required production needs such as cardboard, plastic, etc.
  • Perform general clean-up of papers, skids and debris that accumulate during the workday.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • High school or GED preferred.
  • One-year experience in the insert department including knowledge of insert zones and trucking schedules.
  • Strength to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to concentrate and maintain accuracy while machines are running.
  • High degree of safety awareness.


Schedule may vary depending on amount of preprints.

The Hartford Courant is an affirmative action-equal opportunity employer.

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