(Open Level) Strategic Data Analyst


TrialSpark is a digital health company that accelerates the discovery of new treatments for patients by reimagining the clinical trial process.

Today, clinical trials are deeply inefficient. A single clinical trial can cost more than 100 million dollars and less than 10% of clinical trials are completed on time. Our mission is to bring treatments to patients faster by addressing these inefficiencies.

Job Profile

Strategic Data Analysts at TrialSpark are equal parts strategic and technical thinkers. Analysts will develop strong partnerships with key stakeholders to drive business results -- you will not work in a silo. This includes defining the right metrics, setting up infrastructure to track and measure those metrics, and recommending (and helping to implement) initiatives to drive them up. Analysts are technical enough to get into the weeds and strategic enough to step back and interrogate pre-existing assumptions, such as “Why do we think that calling patients within 1 hour of registering will improve results? How can we measure it?”. This is not a role for someone who expects to receive project work from stakeholders (although your team will be here to provide guidance); it's a role for someone who can proactively identify the core business problem, communicate it clearly, and offer data-informed suggestions on how to solve it.


As a Strategic Analyst, the subject areas that you will impact span the entire company, from building a high quality Network of practices and physicians, to optimizing our patient recruitment efforts, to partnering with our trial operations teams to ensure our clinical trials are of the highest quality and run as efficiently as possible. Some things you may be responsible for:

  • Partnering with operational stakeholders to create KPIs, metrics and self service reporting around key questions
  • Provide insights and recommendations to stakeholders that can make a meaningful difference. Important to nail down those KPIs.
  • Building the best and smartest data model to support business logic (we use dbt in our transformation layer)
  • Using our BI dashboarding tool (we use Looker) to convey information to stakeholders, that is both useful and actionable. Cut through the noise.
  • Working closely with the product and engineering teams to scale our data infrastructure (you'll partner with Analytics Engineering)
  • Explore external data sources and build relationships with data vendors that can help us build a high quality network of practices and physicians. What's the ROI on working with a vendor?
  • Work closely with Data Science to think through and implement advanced models such as predictive modeling for our patient recruitment business, geographically optimizing how we allocate our Operations staff across our various sites, and ranking out network expansion leads

*Please note we will only consider candidates with a cover letter.*

Relevant Experience

  • 2+ years of relevant analytical experience. 4+ years for a Senior Level.
  • Expertise in SQL, with basic knowledge of database design and warehousing concepts
  • Expertise in Excel
  • Experience with BI data viz tools (Looker, Mode, DOMO, Tableau, …)
  • Bonus points for having experience working in the healthcare space and with healthcare data (EHR, claims, labs, ...)
  • Bonus points for experience with dbt or similar transformation tool
  • Bonus points for knowledge of Python, R, or another similar scripting language
  • Strong analytical mindset. You know that data should be leveraged to make the best decisions possible.
  • You are passionate about our mission. You are excited about building the right team to bring medical treatments to patients faster.
  • You are organized, persistent and empathetic. You consistently follow-up on tasks and aren’t afraid to track down people to help solve problems.

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