Sr Developer

What We'll Bring:
At TransUnion, we have a welcoming and energetic environment that encourages collaboration and innovation we're - consistently exploring new technologies and tools to be agile. This environment gives our people the opportunity to hone current skills and build new capabilities, while discovering their genius.

Come be a part of our team - you'll work with great people, pioneering products and cutting-edge technology.
What You'll Bring:

Required Skills/Experience:
• 5-7+ years of .Net development using Visual Studio
• 3+ years of work experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks (e.g., Handlebars, AngularJS, etc.)
• Experience with WCF/Web Services
• Experience with ADO.NET, ORM, Entity Framework, etc.
• Experience with Database Development (Advanced SQL)
• Understands test-driven development, unit-testing
• Aware of business issues as they impact overall project plans.
• Strong communication (verbal and written) and mentoring skills.
• 4-year degree in computer science or equivalent


  • Produces high-quality functional solutions
  • Produces unit and integration tests for their solution
  • Addresses existing technical debt with pragmatic delivery
  • Actively seeks to help their teammates
  • Does whatever reasonably can be done to reach each and every Sprint goal
  • Willing to learn any skill needed to help their team
  • Works towards the goal to have every sprint produce "potentially shippable" software
  • Works with all the team members to adhere to the Definition of "Done"
  • Demos their work and seeks customer feedback actively
  • Accepts feedback provided in retrospective and works collaboratively to enable enhancements with the team
  • Collaborates continually in design sessions
  • Collaborates on solution designs and implementations
  • Uses design and development techniques that enable rapid software change
  • Uses object oriented principles to avoid repetitive code
  • Builds automations for repetitive tasks such as testing and deployment
  • Implements code that is loosely coupled
  • Designs the minimal solution required to meet the business need
  • Produces appropriately concise and informative comments in source code
  • Provide Code Reviews for others
    • Works in a constructive and positive way to ensure growth for others
    • Everyone's code is reviewed and everyone reviews code for others
  • Enables early and continuous delivery of valuable software solutions
  • Works together with the business daily throughout projects
  • Is energetic about the work at hand and the opportunity they are creating for their customers
  • Rises above adversity, past failures, and roadblocks to deliver solutions for customers

  • Works effectively with their Product Owner to come to a shared understanding on scope
  • Knows their product well and can quickly describe its high-level purpose
  • Takes direction for product vision and scope from their team's Product Owner
  • Assists in producing user stories that are "vertical slices" through their system
  • Provides accurate estimates at each planning horizon by avoiding overly precise answers
  • Demonstrates ownership behaviors with all aspects of Scrum plans
  • Identifies risks to existing estimates and raises them to their Scrum Master and Delivery Manager
  • Provides revised estimates based on changing scope as needed
  • Solicits frequent feedback from their Product Owner and customers to ensure alignment of build and vision

Impact You'll Make:

Training / Learning
  • Seeks out new information and knowledge on a daily basis
  • Stays current on the latest version of the .Net Framework and related technologies (ex. JavaScript, C#, VB languages, etc.)
  • Stays current on the latest version of Visual Studio and related tools (ex. Refactoring options, debugging options, etc.)
  • Presents new lessons learned to share knowledge across groups

  • Holds themselves accountable
  • Welcomes requirement changes
  • Exemplifies humility
  • Provides management feedback and solutions when roadblocks present themselves
  • Takes risks and moves outside their comfort zone to enable differentiated solutions
  • Identifies process inefficiencies and provides alternative solutions to improve the process
  • Willing to step in to any component or domain
  • Seeks out help from others when needed
  • Accepts help from others when it is offered
  • Lives the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto on their team
  • Provides input to the team retrospective
  • Works to correct inefficiencies in communication and process by building relationships with their team members
  • Holds their teammates accountable to their commitments
  • Builds plans that are flexible and ready to adapt to changes

TransUnion Job Title

Sr Developer, Systems

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