Winternship (Dec/Jan 2021)

    • Flexible / Remote
Trail of Bits offers unique remote, short-term internship opportunities called “Winternships” (Winter Internships). Winternships generally happen over your University’s winter break. You can get paid (~$2500) to work on a project that excites you and still spend time with your friends and family.

You must have at least 3 weeks of time available to dedicate to the project. You should have the legal right to work in the United States now or by the time you graduate.

Projects must be short-term, achievable within the time winternship, and focused on cybersecurity. Project materials must be released as open source code under a permissive license (e.g., Apache2) and be hosted on the Trail of Bits Github organization after the project concludes.

Collaboration and Mentorship
Trail of Bits takes advantage of the latest technology to get work done. Winternships will be organized and tracked through Slack, Google Meet, and Github. Projects will have a project inception, schedule, and debrief. You will work with our copywriter to publish an end-of-winternship blog post that summarizes your work.

If you’re interested, submit your resume and a little bit about the project you’d like to work on using.

Example Projects

  • GoFindErrors: Help us improve our automated bug finding capabilities for Go codebases. 
  • Ensemble and Hybrid Fuzzing: Help us research and improve our ensemble fuzzing techniques in DeepState, or help us create a feedback loop between Manticore's symbolic execution and a fuzzer.
  • afl/libFuzzer into Continuous Integration: Help us build fuzzing support for continuous integration.
  • Manticore EVM: Help extend Manticore’s Ethereum VM (EVM) support.
  • Slither: Help extend, Slither, our Solidity Static Analyzer.
  • McSema: Help us improve McSema, our binary translator. Required skills: C++, x86, or ARM.
  • Fuzzing Lifted Bitcode: Figure out what’s required to use libfuzzer, afl, or asan on McSema lifted bitcode and make the changes.
  • Binary Diffing: Work on porting a binary diffing plugin from IDA Pro to Binary Ninja.
  • Rust and Go: Help us port Linux utilities from C to Rust/Go.
  • Master's or PhD Project: Are you a graduate student researching program analysis or cybersecurity? Let's start a collaboration. 
  • Be a hero! Help us improve the quality and usability of our open-source tools.

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