Senior Director, Marketing, Europe & Middle East


The Senior Director of Marketing, EU & ME is responsible for overseeing the region’s retail and wholesale Marketing, digital branding (including digital and social media) and ecommerce (shared w/ NYC based Digital Commerce team) initiatives with a strong focus on building brand awareness and luxury brand positioning for Tory Burch. This position will support our existing retail locations, our wholesale and specialty partnerships in both the EU and ME, as well as our EU Digital Commerce business.

He/ She will develop the overall marketing strategy for the EU & ME and work in close partnership with the Senior Director of PR to align the press strategy for EU & ME, overseeing and liaising directly with our local marketing staff to develop initiatives and partnerships to increase our brand awareness, ensure an elevated and EU/ME appropriate brand positioning, drive traffic and sales, and understand/communicate the profile and preferences of
our EU/ME customer.

This individual will oversee and drive seasonal in-store and online events, in-market strategic partnerships, andoverall presence in the marketplace. He/She will be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with
store managers, mall marketing teams, wholesale partners, local brand ambassadors and event hosts, and will identify new and innovative opportunities in market as well as work to leverage global marketing resources in the EU & ME markets. With added support from the digital commerce team, he/she will also be responsible for support of the digital commerce web sites any future ecom/marketing sites and local content. This will include assisting with site translation management and brand “voice,” online marketing initiatives and social media as well as partnering with the creative / editorial / digital branding teams based in NYC to develop locally relevant digital media and content.


• Function as key strategic leader, building brand awareness and luxury positioning in the EU & ME
• Supervise, build and develop the local marketing teams and ensure consistency through an integrated approach
• Oversee the execution of the seasonal brand strategy as well as corporate initiatives in the EU & ME,
specifically NSO campaigns, Advertising and Influencer activities in key markets, Tory PAs in EU & ME
• Participate in the strategic development and improvements of the existing websites for Tory Burch in the
EU and develop a digital e-commerce and digital strategy in partnership with ME partner
• Serve as executive contact for local marketing agency(ies) to oversee projects and initiatives to support
marketing through offline and online strategy
• Liaise with TB Corporate marketing/PR teams regularly to understand ongoing and seasonal global
initiatives to be leveraged in market
• Communicate marketing, PR & event plan to TB corporate on a monthly basis
• Initiate contact and liaise with external partners, event hosts and 3rd party providers as needed
• Support the needs of the Sales departments by developing strong relationships with retail, ecommerce,
wholesale and specialty partners and new initiatives to grow brand awareness, traffic and sales at all
points of distribution, and reinforcing alignment with Merchandising key product directives (global buys)

• Create, manage, and evolve relationships with local print, media and other marketing vendors
• Develop and Execute (with local team) in-store events and other special promotions following brand
• Analyze competitive activities in market place & provide quarterly recaps for HQ
• Partner with the buying team to understand the buy per market/country
• Oversee local team’s requests to TB HQ for all printed collateral needs (i.e. invitations, DM, GWP, in-store
signage, etc).
• Web / Social media – liaise with VP Digital Marketing on seasonal strategy and communicate plans to local
partners, report on local needs and strategies.
• Work to enhance CRM with boutique managers, wholesale partners and TB HQ; partner with VP CRM &
Customer Intelligence on the evolution of CRM with a keen focus on needs specific to EU & ME
• Manage annual marketing budgets with support from HQ Marketing, PR and Finance teams
• Function as executive contact for third-party Marketing agency(ies):
o Hold regular calls to manage overall strategy
o Set seasonal brand strategies and goals with third-party agency(ies)
• Ensure brand integrity and set the standard for the Marketing teams when communicating with all
external points of contact

• Support the ongoing development and launches of websites supporting EU & ME; partner with both the
local and NYC-based digital commerce teams
• Partner with NYC-based digital branding team and continue to develop market initiatives to support
digital brand presence and increase brand awareness both editorial and marketing-driven
• Develop and implement a digital influencer strategy to gain reach and brand awareness in EU & ME

• Monitor and execute regular recap reports to NY
• Advise and educate on local market needs and trends to drive business (i.e. product, marketing, social
media, digital) for seasonal, key initiatives, etc.
• Report results and key learnings back to corporate office on regular basis to measure success
• Work with NY to procure all marketing tools needed to successfully execute the brand’s seasonal message

SUCCESS MEASURES (measurable goals and objectives)
• Increase brand awareness within marketplace to gain measurable market share
• Database growth year over year in each boutique and online
• Effective support of wholesale and specialty partner sales off and online
• Increase effectiveness & quality of in store event plan and strategic partnerships
• Effectiveness in managing EU & ME marketing coverage
• Brand Ambassador Relationships
• Effective Budget management
• Managing Milan and London team effectively while upholding core corporate values



• 10 to 15+ years experience in local Marketing
• Experience working closely with PR and developing a localized strategy; (both traditional and digital)
• Experience in Digital Marketing (performance and branding)
• Experience in CRM
• Experience in Fashion & Luxury
• Passion and Enthusiasm for the brand and customer
• Fluent in at least English & Italian, French and German desired

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