GIS Engineer


  • Automated data production: Execute automated actions on database according to plans, schedules and project requirements; deliver fall out from automated process to manual production using standard automation tools and methods.
  • Process validation: Perform validation of automated production process; be pro-active in suggesting better, more efficient etc. alternate solutions, improvements in the process.
  • Data analysis and preparation
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative evaluations of data used to enhance core database, often using a GIS environment
  • Identify and record all relevant data features and attributes for each data set handled
  • Confirm the validity and accuracy of existing metadata and generate or obtain additional metadata as needed
  • Define recommendations on how to use the data (e.g. tool configurations)
  • Enhance the analyzed data which will result in more efficient and more effective integration.
  • Continuous improvement: Analyze and improve procedures and tools used in the data evaluation process, and in automated production & quality.

Knowledge, skills & competencies

  • Knowledge & experience
  • Master or higher education level (prefer Geographical, Engineering, IT)
  • Knowledge of maps technical processes and associated tools, software and specifications
  • 1 to 2+ years' experience preferred with ESRI GIS Software and/or other commercial GIS (can be in a production environment); or the equivalent education and experience
  • Skills
  • English
  • Analytical ability for complex technical issues
  • Technical skills:
  • Advanced mapping expertise (internal specifications, processes & tools, commercial GIS software)
  • Tool configuration (TT auto production tools)
  • Database analysis (MSAccess, SQL)

Differentiating factors

The complexity is on technical level, with expertise in the domain of automated database production and GIS concept.

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