Materials Operations Specialist

Job Summary

The Materials Operations Specialist assists the Material Development Operations Manager with sourcing and developing all TOMS footwear upper materials from Pre-order through to Confirmation. Maintains and updates Product Bridge and the Material tracking chart with all seasonal information. Inputs all materials into product bridge according to calendar deadlines, reviews all information published in product bridge to make sure it is accurate including description, cost, lead-time, MOQ, etc., tracks the material strike offs at each stage of development from the AO Material Team for approval and Ships all of the confirmation swatches back to AO, all in adherence to TOMS Go to Market Calendar. Provides clear and concise communication with the AO Materials Team, Design, Vendors and cross functional teams.

Essential Responsibilities

Communication with AO Materials Team and HQ Design Team- 1). Assists in following up on daily emails with the AO Materials Team and HQ Design Team. 2). Attends and participates in material vendor meetings that occur in the HQ Office. 3). Is the official note taker during the vendor meetings. 4). Helps to follow up with Design Team on their requests.

Meetings & Communication - 1). Attends and assists in preparation for the AO & HQ Weekly Meeting. 2). Attends and assists in preparation for all Seasonal Material Meetings. 3). Attends all Go-To-Market Meetings including Kickoff,

Material Research and Sourcing - 1). Sends the seasonal material sourcing trends and material requests to material vendor. 2). Collects the seasonal material options from the vendors. 3). Categorizes, ships and tracks the material options to HQ Material Team within the Go to Market Calendar deadlines. 4.) Replies to HQ Material Team's inquiries in regard to material price, lead-time, MOQ, Surcharge and test performance etc.

Material Development and Commercialization - 1.) Sends the ILR & FLR pre-ordering list to the AO materials team. 2.) Assists in sending emails to AO to check material stock availability, sample MOQ surcharge, and submits the print artwork to AO material team for development within the product calendar. 3). Engages in daily proactive email communication with AO Material Team in regard to the materials that are at each development stage. 4). Receives for final approval and material spec lock swatches for quality, color and variations from AO, reviews with Design for comments and sends information to AO.

Maintain Material System (PB) - 1). Create material codes in product bridge at each stage of material development (Pre-order, ILR, FLR and SMS with the Material Name, Description, Supplier, Supplier Article Number, Season, Year, etc., updates the Material Tracking Report with these numbers. 2). Update the material information in Product Bridge whenever there are changes, adds and drops. 3). Reviews all information in Product Bridge to make sure that it is updated in a timely way.

Update General Reports - Tracks and updates Product Bridge and Material WIPS (Pre-Order through SMS, with added materials and added colors, dropped materials and colors and adds comments on color or quality.

Organize Material Standard & Color Range - 1). Receives the material standard or color range from AO and reviews with Design for final approval, ships the material standard back to the AO office. 2). Organizes the Materials in Binders by Type, Season and Year.

Execute other tasks - 1). Fills in and files the shipping documents for international swatch shipment for reference materials and for master color and quality standard.

Material Library - 1). Files and updates the seasonal material library with the support from manager. 2). Catalogs HQ library for reference and material development history. 3). Maintain the Material Library in HQ.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Knowledge with fiber content, textile and leather /suedes' material and manufacturing processing and impact of FG manufacturing
  • Footwear Material Sourcing Skill
  • Footwear Material Development Process
  • Footwear Material Vendor Management
  • Footwear Material Testing Knowledge
  • Excel & PPT skills

Education and Experience
  • 5+ years of experience in Material Development or similar role
  • Bachelor's degree or higher required

EEO Statement: TOMS is an equal opportunity employer and will consider applicants with criminal histories in a manner consistent with the requirements of the ordinance.

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