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TNTP seeks summer Good to Great Math Classroom Innovators. This position is based in New Orleans and is available in Spring 2019.

Who We Are
TNTP is a national nonprofit founded by teachers that believe our nation's public schools can offer all children an excellent education. Today we're a diverse team from a wide range of fields, united by a fierce commitment to helping school systems end educational inequality and achieve their goals for students. We work at every level of the public education system to attract and train talented teachers and school leaders, ensure rigorous and engaging classrooms, and create environments that prioritize great teaching and accelerate student learning.
Good to Great is a coaching and learning experience that helps experienced teachers and school leaders internalize high standards and align their practice around the belief that all kids-even kids who are far behind-can master challenging content.

Seeing what's possible. Teachers believe their students can master more challenging material when they've seen them demonstrate success. Good to Great gives teachers a safe and supportive environment to deliver high-quality academic content without watering it down. They can watch first-hand as students rise to the challenge-and feel more confident about adopting higher expectations in their own classrooms.

Coaching and practice on key skills. Teaching to higher standards requires instructional shifts that can feel daunting, even for experienced teachers. Good to Great helps experienced educators make this crucial pivot. Participants observe classroom innovators model the changes, so they can reflect on gaps in their own instruction. Each day, teachers work with experienced coaches, classroom innovators and their peers to practice identifying, planning for, and delivering challenging content-and receive immediate feedback to use as they hone their skills.

What You'll Do
In this role, you are responsible for acting as a Common Core/Louisiana Student Standards aligned instructional model and trainer for a group of 8-12 participating math teachers. Math innovators will plan and implement a Number Talk, a Task and/or a Eureka Lesson as a model in your own classroom this spring and participate in independent and group preparation activities prior to the start of the Institute. During the institute you will be responsible for facilitating trainings, leading afternoon reflection protocols, providing in the moment coaching support, modeling instruction aligned with Louisiana Student Standards and shifts, and reporting overall trends and needed changes to the institute director.

You will be expected to:

  • Ensure participants make meaningful and lasting changes to their approach and practice, by building their understanding of the impact of rigorous, standards aligned instruction on students' ability to achieve their goals.
  • Bring a deep understanding of the Louisiana Student Standards and shifts for the grade level(s) you support.
  • Expertly model standards-aligned instruction.
  • Have a clear and aligned vision of excellent instruction that you clearly articulate and model for participating teachers.
  • Build teacher mindset and expectations about what kids are capable of and communicate an unwavering belief that students can and will meet the demands of the standards - regardless of the entry point.
  • Create conditions for participating teachers to feel comfortable taking risks and trying things that make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Plan and facilitate lesson preparation protocols, student work analyses, and video professional learning communities in alignment with the Good to Great curriculum, Louisiana Student Standards and shifts.
  • Deeply internalize the Good to Great curriculum in order to successfully coach and support your participants.
  • Providing meaningful feedback to participants throughout the day that helps them considerably change their mindsets and practice.
  • Observing teachers' classroom instruction to inform the direction of afternoon reflection sessions.
  • Contribute to the Good to Great team by:
    • Meeting twice daily with the Good to Great team to plan meaningful activities that result in changes in practice.
    • Facilitating additional sessions or workshops as needed.
    • Establish and reinforce a culture of growth and change.

What You Bring
We are looking for amazing people who have diverse backgrounds and experiences, are inspired by our mission and are highly motivated to change children's lives through education. You'll be right at home here if you learn from failure and overcome adversity, cultivate strong relationships, and push yourself, your work and the people around you to the next level.

Classroom Innovators are experienced educators who have a demonstrated track record of success implementing common core aligned instruction in their classrooms, and deep understanding of the common core standards and shifts. Innovators hold high expectations for what students and teachers are capable of, and have strong organizational and communication skills. Ideal candidates will also have:

  • Minimum four years of successful teaching experience, with at least two years in 4th - 10th grade Common Core aligned math (required)
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate and inspire students and adults
  • Experience and comfort providing direct, in-the-moment feedback to teachers, both written and verbal, that leads to immediate improvement, and comfort receiving direct feedback on performance
  • Experience in facilitating effective training experiences for adult learners
  • Demonstrated ability to connect with adult learners quickly and to build strong working and mentoring relationships
  • Exceptional skills in time management, including the ability to balance multiple priorities in a fast-paced work environment
  • A positive outlook, flexibility, and sense of possibility in stressful situations
  • Evidence of working successfully in teams or cooperative settings
  • A positive outlook, flexibility, and sense of possibility in stressful situations

What We Offer
TNTP offers a highly competitive salary for Institute work and Classroom Innovators can expect to earn up to $8000; those who relocate to New Orleans for the Institute will be provided with housing and travel costs, and some meals.

Time Commitment
Classroom Innovators can expect to complete about 25 hours of virtual and independent training and preparation in the spring, including filming in their classrooms, as well as during the two days of spring training in May (May 11 and May 18). They will work full time for the three-week Institute in June 2019 (June 5-21).

To Apply
If you are interested in applying, please submit your application and a detailed cover letter describing your expertise and interest in the Classroom Innovator position online.

TNTP is an equal employment opportunity employer committed to maintaining a non-discriminatory work environment. TNTP does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other personal characteristic protected by applicable law.

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