Classroom Evaluator, TNTP Academy – Detroit

Each year, TNTP Academy uses Assessment of Classroom Effectiveness (ACE), an innovative approach to certification that uses multiple streams of evidence, to assess and ultimately recommend new alternate route teachers for state professional licensure. TNTP Academy is currently seeking experienced educators to conduct a series of evaluative classroom observations of first- and second-year alternate route teachers in Detroit, Michigan.

Who We Are

TNTP is a national nonprofit founded by teachers that believes our nation’s public schools can offer all children an excellent education. Today we’re a diverse team from a wide range of fields, united by a fierce commitment to helping school systems end educational inequality and achieve their goals for students. We work at every level of the public education system to attract and train talented teachers and school leaders, ensure rigorous and engaging classrooms, and create environments that prioritize great teaching and accelerate student learning.

Who We Want

We are looking for amazing people who have diverse backgrounds and experiences, are inspired by our mission and are highly motivated to change children’s lives through education. If you’ve been pegged as a problem solver, complimented for your communication skills, and proven you thrive in a fast-paced environment, you’ll be right at home here. We’re looking for talented people who learn from failure and overcome adversity, cultivate strong relationships, and push themselves, their work and the people around them to the next level.

Successful applicants to the Classroom Evaluator position will demonstrate strong time management, organizational, and communication skills, both oral and written; are self-motivated; and display a commitment to improving teacher effectiveness for all students. Ideal candidates will also:

  • Have a strong education background, content knowledge, and instructional skill set with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience in high-need schools (Common Core teaching experience preferred)
  • Demonstrate strong familiarity with and understanding of the Common Core State Standards in states other than TX
  • Support alternate routes to teacher licensure
  • Demonstrate a track record of meeting ambitious academic goals with students
  • Have strong written and communication skills
  • Possess the ability to provide polished, professional, and comprehensive written observation reports of new teachers
  • Demonstrate ability to successfully work in a self-directed role
  • Have experience evaluating early career teachers using a rubric (preferred)

All candidates must also pass the final assessment administered at the close of initial training to continue as a Classroom Evaluator. In the event that a candidate does not pass, s/he will be paid for participation in initial training but not for any of the subsequent follow-up meetings or check-ins.

Role and Responsibilities

Classroom Evaluators are responsible for conducting classroom observations and evaluating alternate route teachers who are participating in TNTP Academy.

Training and Development

Evaluators will be required to complete 20-25 hours of virtual training as well as 3-4 ongoing professional development sessions for the observer team throughout the academic year. Initial training will be conducted virtually via an online course supplemented by conference calls. Evaluators may also attend one-on-one check-in meetings with the local site staff as needed; these will be in-person meetings to discuss observation logistics like caseload and scheduling or to practice norming with other Evaluators.

Classroom Evaluations

Evaluators will conduct observations in four distinct rounds lasting four to eight weeks each, beginning in September 2016 and continuing through April 2017 (specific staffing needs will vary by site). The information gathered by evaluators will aid in TNTP Academy’s understanding of beginning teachers’ growth trajectory and form an important part of how we ultimately measure their effect on student learning.

Specifically, Classroom Evaluators will be expected to:

  • Schedule observations for all assigned teachers during each Observation Round based on teachers’ schedules and availability.
  • Observe each assigned teacher during the scheduled Observation Round for an announced observation during the regular school day* that will last 45-90 minutes per participant (September through April)
  • Travel to local schools, using personal transportation
  • Evaluate each teacher using the TNTP Core Teaching Rubric
  • Write a comprehensive observation report aligned to the TNTP Academy standards for ratings, and submit reports electronically to the program
  • Participate in all required introductory and ongoing training, team meetings, and one-on-one check-ins
  • Demonstrate the ability to accurately evaluate teacher performance based on TNTP’s observation rubric
  • Please note: this means observers cannot be full-time teachers

Time Frame and Commitment

Training (20-25 hours) will take place in August via an online course and conference call; more details about the structure and content of training will be shared later in the hiring process. Observations will be conducted in four distinct rounds, with dates for each round dependent on the site’s needs but likely beginning in September and ending in April. Again, staffing needs will vary by site, and observation windows are generally four to eight weeks in length. Information specific to your site will be provided throughout the interview process.


Evaluators will be paid at an hourly rate of $25/hour for all training, school-year norming calls, site-based check-in meetings, scheduling, and observations (classroom time, writing reports, etc.). Evaluators will be assigned a caseload of teachers (generally 15-25) with whom they must schedule observations during each round based on the teachers’ instructional schedules and the evaluator’s availability. While evaluators can expect to work ~10-15 hours per week during observation cycles, weekly working time will vary based on how the evaluator chooses to schedule his/her assigned observations. Evaluators will not be expected to work more than 20 hours per week.

Application Instructions

If you are interested in becoming an Evaluator, please apply by creating an account and completing the application online.

All applications require a cover letter tailored to the position of ACE Classroom Evaluator. Application materials are accepted on a rolling basis. Interviews for this role will be conducted via Skype on a rolling basis during Spring 2016.

We will not consider applications without a cover letter tailored to this position, which can be addressed to the Talent & Culture department. Please note that an offer of employment will be subject to the successful completion of a background check. TNTP is an equal opportunity employer.

TNTP strives to end the injustice of educational inequality by providing excellent teachers to the students who need them most and by advancing policies and practices that ensure effective teaching in every classroom. A national nonprofit organization founded by teachers, TNTP is driven by the knowledge that effective teachers have a greater impact on student achievement than any other school factor. In response, TNTP develops customized programs and policy interventions that enable education leaders to find, develop and keep great teachers. Since its inception in 1997, TNTP has recruited or trained approximately 43,000 teachers and worked with more than 200 districts in 31 states – benefiting an estimated 7 million students. Meanwhile, TNTP’s acclaimed studies of the policies and practices that affect the quality of the teacher workforce — most recently including The Widget Effect (2009) and Teacher Evaluation 2.0 (2010) — have influenced federal education policy and inspired reform efforts across the country. TNTP is active in more than 25 cities, including 10 of the nation’s 15 largest. For more information, please visit .

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