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Company Secretary

3+ months agoLuxembourg City, Luxembourg


Nuveen is the investment management arm of TIAA. It is one of the largest global asset managers with specialist knowledge across a wide array of asset classes, including fixed income, listed equities and alternatives.  Nuveen is driven not only by the independent investment processes across the firm, but also the insights, risk management, analytics and other tools and resources a truly world-class platform provides. As a global asset manager, our mission is to work in partnership with our clients to create outcome-focused solutions to help them secure their financial future.  For more information about the firm please visit our website at



Company Secretary, P2
Supports Board of Directors (BOD) operations and administration.
QualificationsRequiredMinimum Experience

  • 3+ years
FINRA Registrations
  • 2 - TC Services Securities Registration Not Required (Registration and Licenses Indicator-United States of America)
Physical Requirements
  • Physical Requirements: Supports Board of Directors (BOD) operations and administration.
Skills and Competencies
  • Knowledge of Organization: Aligns own department's plans with enterprise mission and vision. Makes effective use of the organizations unofficial structure and back channels. Coaches others on organization's philosophy, culture, and history. Participates in developing formal procedures and structures for getting things done within the organization. Trains others on the functions, key responsibilities, and practices of multiple departments or units. Promotes the rationale and organizing principles of organization's structure.

  • Core Application Systems: Works with core application systems for a major business unit or function. Recommends enhancements for a major application system or related subsystems. Investigates application-related issues with both business and IT professionals. Identifies key players, criticalities, roles, and responsibilities. Helps create contingency plans to mitigate impact of disruption on core applications.

  • Business Ethics: Applies policies and procedures designed to ensure compliance with ethical code. Uses local, state, and federal legislation and guidelines for managing business conduct. Resolves legal and business consequences of a breach of ethics. Participates in investigating, documenting, and addressing allegedly unethical behavior. Deals with a variety of potential ethical conflicts in various business situations. Monitors and controls specific ethical issues such as speculative activity or sexual harassment.

  • Project Administration: Monitors progress and generates project variance analysis reports. Helps others to develop in-depth knowledge of project administration software. Implements planned and ad-hoc communications to and from affected parties. Makes sure project problems are surfaced and reported to appropriate project personnel. Reports dependencies, conflicts, and completion date status to project management team. Develops cost-benefit analysis; tracks and reviews actual costs vs. planned.

  • Meeting Management: Monitors marketplace for new tools and techniques (e.g., virtual meetings, web-based meetings.) Conducts effective meetings on high-impact, critical issues at all levels of the organization. Champions the value of meeting management as an efficiency and productivity tool. Coaches others in techniques for conducting high-level, high-exposure meetings. Monitors effectiveness of regularly held meetings such as project review or weekly status. Instructs others in the value and tools of meeting management.

  • Conflict Management: Evaluates alternative conflict resolution strategies in context of organization's culture. Coaches others in the value and tactics of conflict management and use of diplomacy. Transforms stressful disagreements and hostile situations into win-win resolutions. Monitors industry for insights and tools for managing conflicts. Mediates adversary relations between highly charged individuals or groups. Creates a climate where disagreement is regarded as healthy and resolvable.

  • Confidentiality: Uses organization's policies to determine if a particular piece of information is confidential. Ensures proper protection of organization's confidential information. Explores with management appropriate options for handling confidentiality. Anticipates and addresses situations where breach of confidentiality may be at stake. Leads explorations of business risk and consequences of various breaches of confidentiality. Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of organization's policies and practices requiring confidentiality.

  • Managing Multiple Priorities: Shifts focus among several efforts as required by changing priorities. Clarifies and handles multiple concurrent and diverse activities. Demonstrates an expectation that there will be ongoing shifts in demands and priorities. Responds to shifting priorities while maintaining progress of regularly scheduled work. Works with or leads others to re-prioritize work and reschedule commitments as necessary. Addresses potential conflicts that impact current delivery commitments.

  • English as an Additional Language: Provides feedback to others and corrects own linguistic errors. Converses in English fluently and correctly interprets and understands complex business documents. Ensures common understanding by asking follow-up questions and acknowledging that others' communications are understood. Ensures others understand the critical elements of effective communication of the English language. Advises others on appropriate form of English communication according to the audiences' needs. Assesses others' English reading and writing ability with specific evaluation indicators, such as reading speed and writing flexibility.

  • Alignment: Refines operational priorities over time to preserve alignment with vision. Helps managers tailor approaches for mobilizing their team around the strategy. Interprets the organization's vision for external stakeholders. Establishes clear expectations and accountabilities linked to the vision. Involves team in discussions focused on clarifying and improving broad commitment. Develops methods for effectively and consistently communicating strategy and operational goals.

  • Systems Thinking: Analyzes the dynamics of a system to determine key characteristics, properties, and functions. Surfaces problems within systems and searches for root causes. Attributes systemic problems correctly to interpersonal dynamics when appropriate. Escalates systemic problems that impede group performance. Monitors systems after interventions to confirm success and to diagnose new or remaining problems.

  • Process Improvement: Streamlines the critical workflow for executing key processes. Develops methods for improving and establishing controls for critical processes. Monitors external sources for applicable new methods and controls. Sets priorities for addressing process problems that limit performance. Coaches others to develop the skills to improve processes. Analyzes findings from improvement cycles to ensure success of interventions.

  • Communication: Develops a clear, complete understanding of needs and problems through careful listening, probing, reflecting, and summarizing. Develops team members' writing and speaking skills. Reviews others' communications for substance, editorial quality, and visual quality. Develops team members' ability to develop a communication plan or strategy. Delivers written and oral communications that engage audience participants, respond to their questions and concerns, and produce specific outcomes and impact. Conducts discussions that are sincere and fully expressed.

  • Organizational Communications: Organizes executive briefings and arranges for proper media coverage. Interfaces with a variety of public and trade media. Discusses the major benefits and drawbacks of different types of communications. Works with various types of organizational communications functions. Designs and develops communications events and campaigns. Aligns appropriate media and communication tools to the intended audience.

  • Shareholder Relations: Validates financial reports to guard management against legal implications of statements. Consults on financial markets and stock prices. Coordinates and ensures communication of shareholders' needs and content of shareholder reports and announcements. Discusses the financial state of the organization to shareholders, analysts and the media. Evaluates libel and unlawful disclosure laws and implications. Organizes a variety of shareholder relations events and communications.

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