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ThoughtWorks is a strategic partner for organizations developing ambitious technology driven innovation.   We bring together strategy, design, technology and adoption in one agile innovation team, tackling unique boundary pushing opportunities.

The Product Architect is responsible for taking an idealized vision and guiding the creation of a tangible product innovation.  In a fast moving and changing agile development environment, Product Architects are the steady voice for a product’s end value, assuring that the product being built is successful and valuable from a Client’s business perspective.   The Product Architect provides big picture, systems thinking to the team. They leverage understanding and negotiation across the entire effort to develop elegant responses for messy innovation challenges that cross of business, design, and technology domains.   

As a Product Architect, here’s what you can do at ThoughtWorks:

As a Product Architect you will take a high-level business ambition for an innovative product and guide the creation and delivery of an actionable solution.  Typically, Product Architects engage in the later stages of vision setting and then remain with the delivery team throughout iterative cycles of lean product development.

The Product Architect is a leading evangelist for the overall product vision, sustaining a narrative for the business case with both technology and business stakeholders.  During development, the Product Architect advocates for a holistic response that balances diverse priorities.   They leverage insights from the business context, client organizational dynamics, product design, and technology development to identify issues and synthesize responses to ongoing changes that occur in a lean product development effort.    

More broadly, they look beyond the immediate deliverable. They act in a consulting role, enabling the Client to innovate and create more original business value.  By fostering deep working partnerships with a Client they proactively extend the business scope and value of the partnership. 


  • Given a business vision and approach, architect an actionable product solution.   Integrate product goals, the extended business ecology, technical dependencies and future growth into the big picture approach.    
  • In a fast moving lean product innovation environment, provide support for learning, hypothesis testing, and iterative design.   
  • Guide product pivots.  On ongoing basis identify and solve issues that span multiple parts of the product.  Be an agent of collaborative problem solving.  
  • Craft and sustain a narrative of the overall product value and approach.
  • Be a source of new ideas and possibilities for Business Clients. Extend the reach of the engagement beyond technology issues and the immediate project.


Here’s what you will bring:


  • The following traits have been associated with success in this role:
  • You have a history of making stuff that exceeds the ambitions of your peers
  • You have an embarrassingly varied background and a rambling curiosity
  • You naturally build bridges between people who work in different spaces
  • You explain hard things clearly and persuasively to varied stakeholders
  • You have high emotional intelligence, even in stressful situations
  • You move easily between details and the big picture, creating elegant solutions to complex and messy problems
  • You see patterns in chaos, compulsively exploring untapped opportunities and recognizing problems that others miss
  • You tenaciously pursue a vision you believe in

This role is based in London, England but will require you to be flexible around travel throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland as we work almost exclusively on customer site providing a mix of delivery and consulting services. 

We offer a competitive salary and the closing date for submissions is on the 7th February 2017.









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