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ThoughtWorks is looking for Product Architect who really know how to influence and take total responsibility on client engagements. If you’re doing technical strategy, Architecture and like to design elegant solutions, we’d like to meet you.

Our Mission

ThoughtWorks' vision is to better humanity through software, and help create a more socially and economically just world. We are dedicated to the art of software delivery, by keeping it lightweight, agile and open-source. We help our clients with some of their toughest business problems by delivering robust systems.

About Bahmni 

Do you constantly want technical excellence for the products you’re involved with? Are you visualizing architectural and technical visions for a product? Are you wired to evaluate and foresee the applicability of diverse architectural designs relative to a product? Do you want to acquire a deep understanding of the business context and market problems driving the development of a specific product? Are you great at juggling collaboration between stakeholders? Do you care about architectural and product development principles to improve the performance, scalability and capacity of a product? Do you geek out on analyzing options and make key technical decisions? Are you excited to work with a passionate team to mitigate technical risks? Are you eager to collaborate and contribute architectural and technical specifications towards the roadmap of a product?

If you’ve answered yes to a majority of these questions, then you’re likely curious about the product. Bahmni, an open source electronic medical record (EMR) and hospital information system. It combines and enhances existing open source products into a single solution. While there are numerous attributes that make Bahmni unique, the one that stands out is that it is designed for hospitals and organizations in low resource environments. In addition to enabling care providers to be more effective and precise to provide better care, Bahmni facilitates mining of data on socio-economic indicators, for policy change or reporting to funders. Either way, Bahmni is easy to maintain in rural settings, where doctor to patient ratio is low and is designed for use by people who aren’t tech-savvy.   

Are you inspired? We are. Come work with a group of talented professionals who work alongside those who stand in solidarity with the poor and oppressed to remediate health disparities by developing solutions and the intersection of health and technology. We believe health is a human right.




  • Designs overall system and solution architecture, system integration, and implementation strategy.
  • As expert in multiple technical areas and domain areas, expected to solve wicked problems and provide timely solutions.
  • Relevant innovation in technology, tools, processes with a close watch on the world outside through concepts, benchmarks and evaluations.
  • Ensure target architecture and technology roadmaps are aligned with business values, needs and strategy.
  • Be on the constant look out for problems to solve that impede progress on quality, efficiency.
  • Provide technical expertise on the wide suite of products to ensure that our salespeople are proposing feasible solutions to our customers.
  • Should be completely hands on in coding and should be willing to code. Have the right focus towards best practices like coding standards and other industry standards.
  • 8 – 12 yrs of Strong programming experience in any language.
  • Should have experience in handling distributed teams.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks under pressure with tight deadlines.
  • Experience in product development with Service Oriented Architecture [SOA] 
If this sounds like the sort of thing you are looking for, we should be speaking. We want to hear from you!

About ThoughtWorks

We are passionate technologists who believe in the power of software and technology as tools for social change. The 800+ people in ThoughtWorks India are as diverse in personality as we are in our backgrounds, culture, and expertise.

If you’re someone who’s inspired by technology, by joining ThoughtWorks, you become part of a community. People join because they get to talk to the people who wrote the books that influenced them, work with the people who wrote the tools they would like to use, and collaborate on projects that propel change in the real world. 

To apply, please submit your CV and tell us why you want to join ThoughtWorks. We will ask you to write code as part of your interview process, so be prepared! Our recruiters will be in touch.
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Meet Some of ThoughtWorks's Employees

Ana R.

Client Principal

Ana’s work as a ThoughtWorks leader has made a positive impact for both clients and colleagues all over the world. Now based in San Francisco, Ana continues to drive change for both enterprise-level clients and ThoughtWorkers in the area.

James S.


James plays a multi-functional role in developing software for ThoughtWorks’ clients. He co-develops road maps to help businesses perform better, then gets to work coding and resolving production issues impacting projects.

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