Lead Business Analyst Consultant

Our Lead Business Analysts inspire teams to build and deliver innovative technology. They are a key driver of collaboration and communication and help clients and teams create a shared vision of delivering value at each iteration. They are recognised for their agile mindset and approach to understanding and solving clients’ most complex business problems.

As a Business Analyst you listen and ask why. You thrive on getting the team to focus on the project’s most valuable features. You drive solutions and set the stage for success by being collaborative, open and honest. You go beyond company-based processes and toolkits to find out what the software must achieve to deliver value, and by getting to know businesses inside and out. You give a voice to end users and generate ideas alongside developers to create exceptional systems.

You wear different hats to meet the needs of the team and client: whether that means going back to the drawing board with a problem, or simply taking on different roles and responsibilities for a period of time to adapt to a changing environment.

In this role you will:

  • Liaise between product owner, business sponsors, subject matter experts, experience designers, testers, and development groups to remove roadblocks and foster communication
  • Facilitate inceptions, workshops and interviews that generate ideas and content for solutions
  • Model business processes using a variety of tools and techniques   
  • Evangelize agile, lean, and continuous development practices
  • Collaborate on organisational transformation solutions and execution

Your knowledge and experience

  • Guiding teams to solve complex business problems through collaboratively building technology solutions that bring exceptional customer value.
  • Implementing agile delivery methodologies (i.e., Scrum and XP) and helping teams explore, adopt and optimise agile-lean processes and principles - You do not subscribe to a particular framework, but you have experienced a number of them and know how to adapt your approach depending on client needs.
  • Identifying the business problem and roots of the problem before devising a solution. You ask the right questions, and implement techniques to understand the business and take them through the journey
  • Navigating a variety of web, mobile, and enterprise applications, environments, and systems
  • Understanding traditional development approaches, and the ability to compare and contrast benefits of each

Our Culture

At ThoughtWorks you work in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent, and non-hierarchal culture where talent is valued over a role title. You are able to develop your career outside of the confinements of a traditional career path and focus on what makes you passionate.

About ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks is a global company of passionate technologists. We specialise in disruptive thinking, cutting-edge technology, and a hard-line focus on delivery. Our clients have ambitious missions to change their industry, their government, and their society. We provide software design and delivery, pioneering tools and consulting to help them succeed.

What do employees say about working at ThoughtWorks?

You may have been a Business Analyst, Product Owner, Iteration Manager, Consultant, or other role in the past. If this sounds like you and the environment you thrive in, please apply.


Meet Some of ThoughtWorks's Employees

Amanda S.

Senior Developer

Amanda develops software for various client projects by traveling to client sites and collaborating with fellow ThoughtWorkers to build viable software solutions.

Ugochi U.

Senior Developer

Ugochi codes for ThoughtWorks projects. Her duties vary according to assignments, but Ugochi’s main goal in her role is to build quality software that solves her clients’ business problems.

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