Infrastructure Developer (DevOps Champion)

As technology consultants, we work with a variety of clients that hire us to solve complex and interesting problems. We believe in change through delivery and collaborate with client teams to build world-class technology that breaks through traditional enterprise models.

Each client we work with gives us a new perspective and a broad exposure to different technologies, which leads to a pretty unlimited learning environment. We are constantly questioning the status-quo, innovating, and delivering. If you have a passion for exploring new technologies, chances are you’ll fit right in.

We are looking for developers who share our enthusiasm for CD to:

  • Build large-scale and distributed software systems
  • Work almost exclusively with our customers to offer a combination of development and consulting services
  • Coach our clients to practice CD & CI and reduce time from production to deployment and to adopt an agile development workflow
  • Design and build end-to-end continuous delivery pipelines, including designing pipelines for infrastructure code and pipeline-integrated metrics and monitoring (observability) practices and infrastructure
  • Deploy and manage virtualized and/or containerized workloads in development through production (Vagrant, Docker, VMWare, etc)
  • Foster environments with stronger levels of trust, that give more autonomy to technologists

You’ll bring:

  • Experience with infrastructure as code / provisioning tools like Chef, Puppet or Ansible
  • Experience with one or more of the structured major PaaS platforms such as CloudFoundry or OpenShift and understand their benefits and lacks in deploying and end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline
  • Familiarity with Cloud Native Architecture principles and specific tooling and approaches to support high-availability architectures
  • Understanding of the pros and cons of the key Continuous Integration tools like Go, TeamCity, Jenkins and Concourse
  • Knowledge in the administration of application and web servers and servlet containers such as WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Nginx, Mongrel, Passenger, Microsoft ISS, etc.
  • Extensive experience in scripting languages (golang, Shell, Ruby, Perl, Python, PowerShell, etc) and the SCM Tools like Git(Hub), SVN, Perforce and Mercurial
  • Linux operating system management, operation and maintenance, and network-related knowledge
  • Comfort with ambiguity and high level of flexibility
  • High willingness to travel

ThoughtWorks is synonymous with innovation, and even more so when it comes to Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery practices. We created the first known CI server, Cruise, in 2001, which was later open-sourced and renamed CruiseControl. As we evolved our knowledge, we created goCD and also wrote the first book about CD. We also travel the world sharing what we learn in various conferences.

We certainly don’t expect to stop there. We’re looking for people who want to join us in a lifelong learning journey to continue pushing our industry forward. 
We work almost exclusively on customer site providing a mix of delivery and consulting services, so you’ll be flexible about travel, and willing to travel extensively as part of your role.  Most of our consultants travel every week and fly home for weekends. We do everything we can to make life here as easy as possible and do our best to take people’s personal situations into account.
Our North America offices are in Chicago, Dallas, New York, Atlanta and San Francisco.  Relocation isn't necessary if you live in one of these cities. If you live elsewhere, please let us know to which one you are willing to relocate to.

It is the policy of ThoughtWorks, Inc. to provide a work environment free of discrimination. The Company will take affirmative action to ensure applicants and ThoughtWorks employees are treated without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ethnic origin, veteran status, family status, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity.  This also includes individuals who are perceived to have any of the aforementioned attributes.  ThoughtWorks will adhere to all federal, state, and municipal laws and regulations governing employment.


Meet Some of ThoughtWorks's Employees

Amanda S.

Senior Developer

Amanda develops software for various client projects by traveling to client sites and collaborating with fellow ThoughtWorkers to build viable software solutions.

Molly D.

Lead Developer

Molly writes code for ThoughtWorks and mentors others in how to become effective software developers. She works through problems with her team to give her clients the best possible solution.

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