Implementation Lead

About Bahmni
Bahmni is an open source EMR & hospital system, built by ThoughtWorks Global Health. It serves the needs of hospitals run by NGO and MoH in Global South (More Details:
Bahmni has been implemented at various hospitals and clinics, at point of care, in multiple countries. Scaling Bahmni to amplify the impact is core to the vision of the product. This is translating to expected year-on-year growth in Implementations & Support.
Bahmni Implementation Lead Engineer
To contribute in Bahmni’s implementations and their support to create great customer experience for ThoughtWorks’ clients. You will be responsible configuring, customising, deploying Bahmni and training users to meet the needs of the hospitals/clinics. You will get opportunity to work in a great environment at ThoughtWorks office.

Implementation Lead

  • Collect Requirement
  • Gather feedback
  • Solutioning (along with core Bahmni team members)
  • Plan implementation release
  • Ensure effective client communication
  • Training
  • Deployment
  • Implementation (customising the product for the client)
  • Showcase
  • Create Implementation case study for marketing
  • Provide inputs on how the implementations can be made simpler
  • Understand and recommend changes to hospital processes (could be a part of solutioning, but wanted to call it out separately)
  • Provide inputs to the product team about new features demanded by the clients.
  • Travel to client site when necessary.

Overall ensure client is super happy with the implementation

Skill Set
  • Working knowledge of Linux i.e. ability to read/understand simple shell scripts, familiarity with common linux commands, file-system/user/process concepts.
  • Basic understanding of networks. Ability to do very basic network diagnostics and maintenance.
  • Basic understanding of how browser and server interact with each other over the network.
  • Knowledge of SQL. Familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Familiarity with configuring end user devices running Android and Windows.
  • Analytical skills to be able to understand hospital processes and its mapping to software software systems.
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to communicate, explain and teach basic computers and Bahmni to hospital staff (includes people who have never used a computing device)
  • Ability to communicate with development team
  • Flexible to travel for few weeks to safe but remote parts in Indian and outside India.


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