Head of Recruitment

ThoughtWorks' mission is quite simple: to better humanity through software, while creating a more socially and economically just world. We are a global company of passionate technologists. We specialize in disruptive thinking, cutting-edge technology, and a hard-line focus on delivery. Our clients have ambitious missions to change their industry, their government, and their society. We provide software design and delivery, pioneering tools and consulting to help them succeed.

As our Head of Recruiting, you’ll set our recruiting vision and strategy, and roll up your sleeves to make it happen. You'll empower, coach and mentor the team to develop a robust and diverse network of candidates, and hire the cream of the crop. Imagine a search firm with the highest possible standards and strong sense of social justice inside one of the most well-respected technology consultancies in the world. Add a work environment that’s designed to be unstructured, non-hierarchical, engaging and highly collaborative. Take away the suits and having to compete against the person sitting next to you. Welcome to the recruiting team at ThoughtWorks Barcelona.

Key Responsibilities

 Vision, Strategy and Change Leadership

  • Collaborate with business leaders and recruiters to create a recruiting vision and strategy that supports the near- and long-term business needs
  • Articulate clear outcomes, a roadmap, and success measures to achieve the vision
  • Lead change. Influence, collaborate and communicate to keep everyone enrolled, jointly accountable, and moving toward the vision

 Business Partnership

  • Be a key member of our Barcelona leadership team.
  • Collaborate with key leaders to deliver long-term business priorities beyond day-to-day hiring needs
  • Champion and protect our culture when the going gets tough - recruiting is the gatekeeper!

 Team Building

  • Establish a creative, collaborative, inclusive working environment that’s all about experimenting and continuously improving
  • Build a high-performing team that delivers and embraces our constantly changing business needs
  • Facilitate, innovate, and continuously improve collaboration across a distributed team
  • Develop the team. Be a coach, mentor and servant leader. Develop the next generation recruiting leaders
  • Nurture the team as guardians of our culture and experts in “what good looks like”, helping them articulate the risks and benefits of candidates, and make good hiring decisions

 Branding & Sourcing

  • Be an industry leader. Take extraordinary steps to attract and hire future ThoughtWorkers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Collaborate with marketers to champion our employer brand, both internally and externally
  • Work with marketers to develop and execute compelling differentiated campaigns (both digital and offline) that attract future ThoughtWorkers and deliver our near- and long-term business objectives
  • Lead the development and execution of our sourcing strategy to build and nurture a pipeline of potential candidates
  • Establish and manage vendor/partner relationships.

 Candidate Experience & Interviewing

  • Create swift, thoughtful and tailored experiences for our candidates, regardless of the hiring decision.
  • Help ThoughtWorkers continuously develop their interviewing skills. Drive strategy and execution for regular interview training across the business
  • Deliver a Pillar-balanced & Pillar-based recruiting process, ensuring every candidate is assessed across all three of our pillars

 Global Engagement

  • Represent ThoughtWorks Barcelona in our global recruiting leadership team. Collaborate with other recruiting leaders to innovate and share knowledge, and set the direction for recruiting at ThoughtWorks globally

 Data & Metrics

  • Work with business leaders to create a hiring plan. Create and report on recruiting metrics, including but not limited to; tracking actual to plan, hiring velocity, diversity, quality of hire, speed to hire and leverage mix, cost per hire. Make sure targets are set, articulated and achieved
  • Provide insight into compensation and benefits strategy
  • Measure and track recruiting spend and return on investment for key activities

 Skills and Experiences

  • Experience in leading an in-house recruiting team. Understand the difference between leading and managing. Take a hands on approach to capability development within your team
  • Experience as a technical recruiter in the IT industry
  • Experience in leading change
  • Experience in recruiting high-quality candidates in high volumes, ideally in a professional services recruiting environment.
  • Experience with diversity hiring and a passion for creating an inclusive workplace
  • Track record of innovation; you keep yourself up-to-date on trends in the wider recruiting world and implement these as a matter of course
  • Proven ability to design great experiences for candidates
  • Strong data-analysis skills; proven ability to use metrics and data to support critical thinking and improvement of the function
  • Strong business acumen. You are a business leader with a specialization in recruiting
  • Able to travel
  • Currently looking for candidates who are based in Barcelona or open to relocate, with fluent Spanish and English skills and ideally also Catalan skills

Type of person

Energetic, high-integrity, creative, achiever, charismatic servant leader who uses data to guide strategy and execution, strong sense of social justice, learner, influencer, leads by example

Meet Some of ThoughtWorks's Employees

Amanda S.

Senior Developer

Amanda develops software for various client projects by traveling to client sites and collaborating with fellow ThoughtWorkers to build viable software solutions.

Ugochi U.

Senior Developer

Ugochi codes for ThoughtWorks projects. Her duties vary according to assignments, but Ugochi’s main goal in her role is to build quality software that solves her clients’ business problems.

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