Agile Consultant-Android Direction

Agile ConsultantAndroid Direction

Job Description:
What kind is this job?
× Challenging
We provide service to top firms in different industry, we face our client directly, help them to solve the difficulty (Development process, Organization structure, Technical practice);
× Achievement
We take the best software development process, technology and method to China. Helping client to solve their problem, and improve the level of China software development in the same time;
× Fast grow
Backed by the global top knowledge base-ThoughtWorks, you may communication with luminary like Martin Fowler directly, bouncing ideas with leading geek in China, make fastest growth on this precious software development knowledge platform;
× Innovative
Touch the global latest trade of software product design, development technology and process, combined with experiences in different field, hatch the innovative solution.

We hope you to have the peculiarity as below:
× Chase software excellence; never stop refinement on software development.
× Understand Android framework deeply, be familiar with embedded software development technology;
× Know the complexity of embedded equipment development, and design of team structure and development process;
× Know Agile development method, and practice in daily work;
× Be equipped with the ability of good systematic thinking and communication, know how to simplified in complex situation.

And having the experiences as below:
× Abundant experiences on Android framework development;
× Great coding ability with C/C++, be familiar with related automatic test tool;
× Kind of architecture design experiences on application technology.

Business trip: Due to the nature of consulting, you will be on business trip in 50-80% time of a year.

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Technical Principal

Rachel helps ThoughtWorks' clients make big architectural decisions about the changes they’d like to implement to their business’ technical infrastructure.

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