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For over ten years the Pangea3 team at Thomson Reuters has been the global leader in legal process outsourcing services, allowing corporations and law firms to save valuable time and money on resource-intensive tasks. That leadership continues with a new vision for a new era. Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services now delivers Pangea3 expertise, with a best practices approach to leveraging the right combination of advanced technology, legal expertise and sophisticated processes.

This is an exciting time to join the Thomson Reuters' global family. You will be working in a high-growth, and fast-paced environment with legal, engineering and business professionals who are committed to excellence and successfully supporting corporate and law firm clients around the world. Our teams excel in the areas of eDiscovery and document review, contract lifecycle management, due diligence, financial trade documentation and regulatory change management.

We can say with confidence that the hard work and dedication of our over 1800, full-time professionals is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Our teams love what they do and we're delighted that our clients seem to like it too. We honoured to be an industry-recognized leader, continuously winning prestigious awards year after year.

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Regulatory Research & Monitoring attorneys, at a senior associate level, must understand the US legal system and have a good understanding of other countries' regulatory schemes. These attorneys should be capable of independently understanding the legal issue and should be able to accurately identify applicable statutes and regulations on Westlaw and through internet searches with minimal supervision. These attorneys should be able to analyse and summarize case laws. They should have the ability the present their findings succinctly on Excel or Word. These attorneys should have the ability of running small projects independently and should begin to learn project management skills. They should have excellent command over language and should have excellent oratory as well as written skills. They should identify and escalate all relevant issues as well as cascade down all relevant information. They should be responsible for ensuring assignments are provided to everyone and all minor reports are sent to the relevant internal stakeholders.


The primary responsibilities include:

Attends mandatory training and certification courses.

Manages small teams (2-3 people).

Escalates project specific issues timely.

Applies himself to understanding the underlying issues of a project.

Follows step by step process of researching the issues and presenting the findings in the desired format.

Understands US legal writing and designs format to present findings.

Interprets statutes and regulations accurately with minimal supervision.

Has work volume count that is 20% above project/engagement average.

Has accuracy of at least 98%.

Follows process instructions consistently without failure.

Escalate appropriate issues timely and with confidence.

Achieve on time delivery (OTD) on 98% client deliverables.

Participates in quality control activities.

Meets project specific deadlines and escalates delays timely.

Thorough and meticulous with great attention to details.

Organized and efficient – handles particular responsibility assigned to him/her quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Follows up with juniors on status of assignments and reports the same to project managers.

Effective on the floor in terms of sharing learning/insights with peers/juniors/seniors.

Consistent presence and active participation at team, department, and company meetings and participates in voluntary professional development programs.


Entry level contributor responsible for working within the project scope and budget.

Accomplishes work with low to moderate supervision.

Impact is normally within the immediate project team.

Typically works on one or two projects at a time and as a member of the project team(s).

Possesses the ability to manage small teams (2-3 people).

Possesses the ability to share feedback and answer queries.

Team members/juniors/peers seek him out for guidance and direction; senior personnel trust him to convey messages or to report back on matters.


Ability to accurately identify legal issue

Ability to accurately identify applicable statutes and regulations

Excellent analytical and logical skills

Good writing skills

Ability to communicate with clients through emails and conference calls.

Attention to details

Must have a working knowledge of legal databases

Proficiency in MS Excel and Word

Ability to escalate as well as cascade relevant information


Ability to breakdown a information into smaller components

Demonstrates ownership of results

Outlines guidelines for a systematic approach towards tasks and activities

Adaptive to team and fosters collaborative approach

Delegates work

Innovative approach to the project, when required

Client communication

Show passion and desire to learn


Participates on client calls and tries to interact with the client during the calls.

Strong relationship with key stakeholders

Bonhomie with team members


Must have: Law degree

Desirable: LL.M.


Conducting basic training.

Performing Quality checks.

Client communication - mostly written.

Desirable: Experience in regulatory compliance related work.



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