Team Assistant. Part-Time, Nights, weekend Warehouse

Team Assistant Job Description

General Identifying Information:

Department: Pressroom

Shift length: 7 hours (includes a 30 minute lunch)

Hours: Can vary 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Employer Information:

The Washington Post

717 Wimsatt Rd

Springfield, VA 22151 Position Information:

Job Purpose:

To prepare multi-unit web-fed rotary press to print newspapers according to specifications

Tasks Performed:

Plate Spotting:

o Marks up Press

o Spots all plates and helps to re-plate

o Checks folios in entire paper

o Checks color dots to make sure of correct order

o Marks up chalk board or posts list of re-plates

o Helps pick up old plates and put in plate bin

o Re-marks up press for day runs when required

o Helps others as needed

Reel Room Operations:

o Completes all pre-run check lists and pre-sets

o Loads rolls for run

o Makes paster pattern according to Washington Post specs on all rolls checking all rolls for damage

o Fills out and maintains reel reports for entire run

o Checks all in-feed rollers and reel tension on running rolls

o Correctly positions black tape on rolls and sets "paste pattern position sensor knob" (commutator) for each paster

o Make sure all rolls are in running position

o Make sure ARL is in auto position

o Set manual tension (full 28lbs., ¾ 23 lbs., ½ 18lbs.)

o Set floating roller (full or ¾ rolls set to 1.6 to 2.0 bottom adjusting dial)

o Set floating roller (½ roll1.2 to 1.6 top adjusting dial)

o Monitor floating rollers on reels

o Check and adjust cocking rollers as needed

o Helps others as needed

o Help with press cleaning as needed and directed after the production

Job Site Environment:

Work Site

o Inside 100%

Noise Factors

o Continual, must utilize protection devices

Air Quality Factors

o Dust, odors, mists

o Face masks are provided for use by employees

o A-par system minimizes ink mist and paper dust

Working surfaces

o Even

o Flat/Hard

o Ladders

o Catwalks/Scaffolds

o Ink

Relationships with Coworkers

o Works with a select team

Physical Requirements:

Primary Work Position

o Stand – 40%

o Sit – 30%

o Kneel – 30%

Mobility Factors

o Walk

o Climb

o Crawl

Specific Movements

o Trunk

§ Bend – frequently

§ Twist/rotate – frequently

§ Push/pull – occasionally

o Arms

§ Reach – occasionally

§ Work with arms extended – frequently

§ Work with arms bent – frequently

§ Carry – occasionally, 30 pounds

§ Push – occasionally

§ Lift from floor to waist – frequently

o Hands

§ Gross dexterity – frequent

§ Finger dexterity – frequent

§ Grasp/Manipulation – constant

§ Speed required – frequent

§ Bilateral coordination – frequent

§ Eye/Hand coordination – frequent

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