Data Visualization Engineer

Job Description

How Can An Engineer Help Make The Washington Post's Data Visualizations Performant and Technically Rigorous?

We're looking for a front-end engineer to construct and analyze our election data visualizations. When the elections are over, we need this outside the box thinker to add rigor to The Washington Post's engineering approach to performant data visualizations.

We'd like you to join the team in time to optimize our data visualizations for multiple devices.  

Post-election, you will apply engineering rigor to our data visualizations and newsroom products.

We would prefer the person to be in our DC office but remote applicants are encouraged to apply.

About Our Team
•    We are a small engineering team working on newsroom problems at scale.
•    Our team includes engineers, data scientist and designers.
•    We maintain a stack built with AWS, Node, React, Next.js and D3.
•    We build tools and platforms that span beats, which means we rarely work on individual stories.

About You
•    You're comfortable working across our software stack as the need arises.
•    You enjoy nurturing a codebase over a lengthy period of time.
•    You've worked on hard deadlines before and are comfortable with making trade-offs in order to hit them.
•    You prefer collaborating with a mix of technical and non-technical people.
•    You have at least 3 years of experience with a combination of data visualization and engineering but we would prefer that you had experience with both.
•    You have some experience working with election and geographic data.

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