Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager (BDM) position is a critically important role here at The Nerdery.  The BDM will be responsible for driving new client growth for the organization, and will own identifying, qualifying, and developing strategic client relationships which drive new pipeline opportunities.   

The BDM will oversee business development initiatives from the opportunity lead qualification phase all the way through the contract phase.  The BDM will work closely with the Strategy Practice to develop strategy, proposals and to maintain communications with prospective clients.  The BDM will also be coordinating cross-functional teams in response to new client work.  This team can/will be comprised of Client Partners, Project Managers, Technical Resources, Strategists, UX Design Engineers, and potential Nerdery Executive Team members.  The BDM shall be responsible for building the appropriate response team in accordance with the client project need(s).  


  • Research, nurture, and qualify prospective clients who fit within The Nerdery’s ideal client profile (ICP)
  • Manage & qualify incoming prospects and leads via The Nerdery Marketing funnel
  • Manage net-new opportunity pipeline
  • Lead and/or direct cross functional teams through the business development lifecycle
  • Cultivate both professional and informal networks that lead to potential opportunities
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the client's strategic agenda and the issues facing them
  • Nurture leads and prospects, leading to closed sales
  • Lead pitches, prepare and deliver sales proposals to prospective clients
  • Manage the contract negotiation process and ensuring that required documentation is in place with new clients
  • Obtain annual revenue target of $2-3 million
  • Produce business development and pipeline reports and use this information to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business development close rates and strategies
  • Prepare and analyze revenue forecasting and sales activity reports
  • Understand competitors’ offerings and what it will take to win engagements
  • Ensure smooth transition to the Client Partner upon winning the business - post contract signature


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