Full-Stack Engineer

There’s a lot of cool technology behind our products, and our engineering team is looking for a Full-Stack Engineer to help us implement new features, build new products, and make sure that our current machinery runs smoothly to help make lives better for our millions of members.


The Muse is the most trusted and beloved career platform, connecting individuals and companies on a more authentic level. We support over 75 million people looking to craft meaningful careers through TheMuse.com and our employer partners. Smart companies work with us to attract today’s top talent, giving candidates the information they need to find the company that is right for them. Why? Because life’s too short to hate your career.

How You'll Make an Impact

  • You’ll build new features that help millions of people curate their careers and find better jobs.
  • Your work on bridging our backend systems with our frontend architecture will help us create a modern, lean, well-built web application that grows and improves every day.
  • You’ll work on a cross-functional team with a product manager, designers, and other engineers to turn product ideas and concepts into reality.
  • You’ll help make sure our entire stack is always up to date and contribute many great tools to the open source community.

Why we’ll love you

  • You have at least 3+ years of experience in a fullstack or similar position.
  • You feel confident in your skills with backend technologies; we use Python 3 with a little bit of Go mixed in, but we’re happy to speak with you if you work with other platforms like Java, PHP or Ruby.
  • Ditto on the frontend, where we use technologies like Typescript, React, HTML, and CSS/SASS.
  • You have experience with RDBMs like PostgreSQL, Oracle, or MySQL.

Why you’ll love us

  • We’re fanatical about finding the right tool for each job. We pick technologies because they make sense, and we’re not afraid to try something new when we feel that it could be useful, even if we’ve never used it before.
  • Our team works on problems, not tasks. We like to help other teams turn their needs into great technology, and we give each engineer the freedom to tackle the challenges that they find most interesting.
  • We move fast, with multiple releases every day and an iterative approach to developing new features and measuring their success.
  • We place a heavy emphasis on open source. Check us out on github.
  • You’ll work at a tech company founded by two badass women—Our founders believe transparency is important so they really try to share as much as they can about changes to The Muse strategy, board meetings, and when they are wrestling with big company-wide decisions.
  • The Muse actually has—and sticks to—a “no assholes” policy, so you can come to work everyday knowing you will always be surrounded by good people who genuinely care about you.
  • We offer unlimited vacation—and we mean it!

Our Tech

In an industry full of wordpress installs, our tech stack stands above the rest. We've created a custom web application that builds on:

  • Python 3 and Go on the backend
  • Typescript and React on the frontend
  • Cloud-based infrastructure based on Docker with CI/CD pipelines and automated testing infrastructure
  • Kafka-based streaming data infrastructure along with a number of real-time and historical data storage platforms

At The Muse, we believe that great ideas come from anywhere. We support a collaborative environment and value open participation from individuals with different ideas, experiences, and perspectives. We believe having a diverse team makes The Muse a more interesting and innovative place to work, and we strive every day to make The Muse a welcoming and inclusive place for all.

If this could be your dream job, please submit a cover letter and resume, so we can get to know you a little better.**

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