Costume Stock Coordinator

Maintain costume storage areas in an orderly and efficient manner. Keep costume inventory records current and accurate. Coordinate outgoing costume rentals to local organizations. Assist with both incoming and outgoing costume production rentals. Provide transportation for the needs of the Costume Department. Coordinate volunteer support for the Costume Department.

Duties and Responsibility:

Costume Stock 20%

  • Maintain the appearance of all costume storage areas in a clean and orderly manner.
  • Ensure that costumes are stored properly and in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that all costumes are properly cleaned and accurately labeled before being returned to storage.
  • Work to ensure that all items in storage are kept in a wearable condition, and that any items in need of repair are isolated until proper repairs have been completed.
  • Assist in keeping all costume inventory records, current, complete and accurate.
  • Complete minor repairs to costume items as necessary.

Current Productions 15%

  • Assist in the unpacking and inventory of all costumes brought into the studio for use in WNO productions. Ensure all damages and discrepancies are appropriately communicated.
  • Assist in the movement and inventory of WNO owned costumes from storage to the Ready Racks.
  • Assist in the packing of all costumes to be sent to the theater, following official procedure.
  • Become familiar with all aspects of costuming for each production, as applies to future rentals.
  • Strike the costumes for each production. Coordinate dry cleaning and carefully launder all washable items.
  • Assist in the return of rented costumes to their place of origin, according to the terms of the rental contract.

Transportation 15%

  • Transport costumes between WNOS and the performance site for each production or event.
  • Complete costume related errands including shopping and deliveries as needed.

Local Costume Rentals 20%

  • Coordinate the rental and loan of costumes to local companies according to official rental procedure.
  • Ensure that all items are returned to the costume studio according to the terms of each rental or loan.
  • Coordinate invoices and payment of rental fees related to local costume rentals.

Production Costume Rentals 10%

  • Assist in the rental of costumes according to official procedure.
  • Assist in the packing and inventory of all costumes to be rented.
  • Assist with the costume returns as directed, see that all items are properly cleaned, restored and restocked.
  • Assist in maintaining complete and accurate records of all rentable productions.

Volunteer Management 10%

  • Collaborate with the KC Friends department to ensure that volunteer needs for the WNO Costume Department are met.
  • Coordinate volunteer coverage for weekly production needs and special projects.
  • Provide costume volunteers with the necessary training and project oversight.
  • Coordinate volunteer coverage for WNOS reception and train as necessary.

Vehicle Maintenance 5%

  • Keep the interior and exterior of the costume vehicles clean.
  • Ensure that the costume vehicle registrations, inspections, and insurance are current.
  • Ensure that the costume vehicles are in good working order by monitoring fluids and scheduling regular oil changes and maintenance as needed.
  • Ensure that the costume vehicle maintenance records are current and complete.

Other 5%

  • Maintain the costume laundry room in a clean and organized manner.
  • Assist with the inventory of all supplies needed for stock and rentals.
  • Assist with department needs as assigned by the Associate Costume Director.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Theatre, or equivalent professional experience with a working knowledge of costume history and construction.

Minimum Skills and/or Knowledge Required:

  • Must be highly motivated and a self-starter
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Complete knowledge of costume history
  • Working knowledge of various costume construction methods
  • Ability to operate basic costume workroom equipment
  • Computer skills including Microsoft Office and Filemaker Pro.
  • Understanding of basic vehicle maintenance and repair

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds.
  • Must be able to climb and work from ladders.
  • Must have a valid Driver's License and be comfortable operating large vehicles.

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